Barefoot & Wagons
Volume 48, Issue 10
August 27 - September 9, 2004
By Paige Sichs

Lost Village
Ocean Beach resident Aaron Ziegelman’s moving Holocaust documentary “Luboml: My Heart Remembers” was released on DVD. The film is told in period filmclips and photographs and interviews with those who lived in the Polish shtetl.
Ziegelman was born in Luboml in southeastern Poland, and left in 1938 with his mother and sister. He has spent much of his life trying to save the memory of that lost village.
The DVD is available at www.luboml.org.

Goodbye, Repp
Village Administrator Ethan Repp has left his job and returned to his Florida home, sources report.
Repp was brought in as a short-term fill-in to help run the village in an unglamorous position with a handsome salary. Known for his grant-writing expertise more than his hands-on approach to the mechanical and engineering problems that are so endemic to Ocean Beach (from a collapsing community house to constantly flooded streets, OB can resemble a case study in faulty urban planning on a minor scale). Some said he was never quite the person for the job. Some were also less-than-pleased with his ability to attract much needed money to the village, and he was asked to not return to the village office over the weekend of August 21, sources said.

A new sight will greet those exiting the ferry, as Clegg’s Hotel has added a brightly colored mural to its formerly barren walls.
Local artist Tekla Vanderplas spent more than 15 hours painting the tableau using oil paints and Japan drier, an additive that is “supposed to make the oil paint dry and harden up” before the elements can get to it, Vanderplas said.
“It’s cheery and it was a lot of fun being there all day at the ferry,” she continued. “People came up and children came up and everyone kind of enjoyed the process.”
The mural, inspired by a Simon Hart print on the office wall of Tyler Clegg Sterck, the hotel’s owner, is the first piece of art to occupy that space since a teenager named Katherine Hanley painted a vine mural there many years ago.

From Mayor to President
One-time mayor of Ocean Beach Thomas Schwarz, now the president of Purchase College, is participating in a panel discussion about the election and the issues affecting it on September 14, with the New York Times editorial board, to be held at The Performing Arts Center. Gail Collins, editorial page editor at the Times, will moderate.
Schwarz, who served as mayor in OB from 1978 to 1987, was also a partner at Skadden, Arps law firm in Manhattan and an editor of Fordham Law Review. Call (914) 251-6200 for more information or to reserve your free ticket.

Have you been into the groovy Shopgirls! store across from the ferry? If not—you must. One t-shirtt company called “Define Tease” is particularly suited to Paige: The shirts feature obscure vocabulary including “Scuttlebutt: Gossip or Rumour.”

Mixed Doubles for Fake Grass
The 1st Annual Ocean Beach Tennis Tournament was finally made a reality, organizer Jonathan Jossen (who put the event together with his wife, Stephanie Cassell) said. He finally organized the event, where eight teams of mixed doubles competed in a double-elimination format for trophies, ten years after he had first tried to put it together and met great resistance from those with reserved slots on the court who were unwilling to participate.
Heather and Lenny Schlacter took home the prize.
Next year, Jossen and Cassell plan to do the event on a grander scale, with sponsors and a fundraiser to raise money for Ocean Beach courts to be redone. Though they have been refinished, Jossen said that was no solution for the painted concrete courts. “Resurfacing doesn’t help because the groundwater level comes up and cracks the cement,” said Jossen.
He said they aspired to have the courts done in the style of Summer Club and Ocean Bay Park, which employ a sand and synthetic grass surface more amenable to Fire Islands climate.
He lost in the semi-finals to David and Judy Silver.

The one-day kids Trangleball tournament held in Ocean Beach was a rousing success. It was organized by Matt Danziger, 19, counselor of the year at the Ocean Beach Youth Group, with the assistance of Mark Miller, Trangleball’s inventor.
A beaming Miller looked on as the children dived for, threw and caught the small rubber ball, utterly absorbed in the game. “It’s thrilling,” he said. “I’m speechless when I see what goes on with the game and the support I get from the families and stuff.”
“I’ve been playing since I was ten and I love the game,” said Danziger. “I play in the adult tournament every year and I like doing it for the kids.
“A lot of kids are regulars,” he continued. “They grew up here and it’s the thing to do when you’re on the beach.”

Hissing Roaches
Ira Charles of Ira’s Curios had a unique contribution to the most recent street fair, where his table of exotic animals (accepting donations for worthy causes) exposed the young (and young at heart) to a cornucopia of outlandish wildlife, from black, red and yellow Mexican king snakes to a foot-and-a-half tall white Cockatoo named Coconut to some Madagascar hissing roaches.
The snakes, as handled by Alexanda Briskin and Rebecca Borrer, were a big hit.
“Even people who are afraid of snakes for some reason like these snakes, so they’re a good ambassador for snakedom,” Charles said.

Keeping Clean
Matt Bellows of Matt’s Plumbing donated a wall hydrant to the Ocean Beach Police Department to keep the police vehicles spotless. Not that he’s saying they were dirty…
Don’t forget the Pancake breakfast at the Firehouse on Labor Day September 6 at 9 a.m.
Get in shape all you kiddies for the annual Sandpiper race Saturday, Agust 28 at noon on the beach. Applications availble at the baothouse. Call 583-5153 for more info.
Well, this is it. Please have a great off-season. And if you have any news, comments, anything really, just email us at the website: finews.biz.