Saltaire Summery
Volume 48, Issue 7
By Bradlee White

‘Tis the season for visitors – by the droves. Just to tap the tip of the ice cube:15-yr veteran Inn Bartender Tom, on his 1st ferry ride of the season – just graduated college and working in Manhattan; Rita G.’s two sons and their families at Camelot seaside – Cory, Shannon and 10-month-old Seth up from New Orleans and Jessie and very pregnant Kerry (due Aug. 6) up from Philadelphia, Rudy’s younger brother Terry and wife Lori with their daughters Katie, Mary and Ann here for 2 weeks;Marla and Frank staying at Margaret & Bill’s new house (the Ryans’ old house) Friday and with former Kismetian Bob Jaffe in Snooze Harbor Saturday. Frank, Cathy and five-year-old Lee Frances Powell visiting Jean at Champaign; Lorelle, also at Champaign, helping with party production after having gotten Jean on-line with Verizon DSL (it’s possible, but it sure ain’t easy); Jimmy Gremmo day-tripping on his Hobie Cat – promises to bring his big boat next time.
‘Tis the season of parties, too. What’s better than to have a summer birthday? Grace W. celebrated her 13th with a Limo-driven trip to the City to see “Wicked” with her pal Taryn and their families; Taryn celebrated her 13th with a couple of dozen gal pals at a beach party with volleyball, water balloons, games and lots of food. The best part (and most amusing for onlookers, no doubt) was a contest where they were to make like wheelbarrows – no hands – to find the tootsie roll hidden under mounds of whip cream on individual paper plates – picture it!
Saturday’s best was Lorrie Bellafiore celebrating her 50th – an occasion for back to back parties from 2ish to 10ish. Champaign Jean’s party was billed as the fake-out party to better insure Lorrie’s surprise at the next party, planned by husband Kenny and their daughters Ann-Marie and Catherine. It was a perfect day for an outdoor cookout – and, of course, Champaign. Also, Jell-O Shots – 50 + 1 to grow on.. Enjoying it all were CA’s Phil, Myrna, Beth, Becky, Maggie from Germany, D.R. Peter; Lorelle, Nick & Nicoletta, Frank & Cathy, Jeannine B., Jeannie (to quote CA’s Andy, Kismet’s “Jean…” pool can be quite confusing), Ken, Lorrie and their sisters Marge and Debbie (Debbie in from WI – “I’m never leaving.”) The kids showed up later – Catherine & Ann-Marie after boating with Emily & her parents (Bill & Margaret), Nick, Chris & Nick M. and Danny R. Marla dropped by to lure Lorrie to M&B’s, while Kenny picked up his brothers Greg & wife Mary and Steve, lots of their mainland friends and One-Man-Band Little Toby Walker from the 6:25 ferry. I led Avalon’s Mac, Dana and Helene to Cartoon Alley (the B’s Cozy A being inhabited by the cool BLT group), to join the afternoon crowd plus J &J and Jaffe at 7: Marla brought Lorrie over on a ruse 45 minutes later. She was truly surprised – I have the pictures to prove it. Gifts included a wooden cane with horn attached, “I am Diva,” a tongue-in check book for ‘maturing’ women, booze and flowers. Little Toby played on while guests devoured 3-ft. heroes, and enjoyed keg beer and T-shots.
The Clements surprised Lynn’s mother, Claire Patterson, on her 75th birthday Sunday. Lynn’s parents, who had owned Houser’s Hotel in Ocean Beach, had accumulated quite a large extended family, some not seen for over 20 years. They came from Annapolis, Hempstead and the city, making it quite an emotional reunion. Lynn cooked all the old favorites – lobster, shrimp and even baklava, though everyone was too full for dessert. Chris chalked a “party here” sign to catch the walk-in guests.
You don’t need a birthday to have a party. Arthur G. got things rolling Friday with his annual, all-day party for Syosset school associates. (I thought it was a retirement party, but that’s happened already and A’s officially joined us professional beach bums, wintering in FL too). Arthur tapped Grace W. to serve and play hostess, teaching her and & Taryn how to make guacamole, then leaving for tennis. From all reports, they looked cute, did a great job and were paid well. Guests, including 15 children, enjoyed tennis, the beach and lots of food from the Market. Kismet pals Joe B., Bob & Arlene, Fran & Don, Charlie, Ronnie & Carol, Phyllis & Lee, Peter, Robin, Rita and the Press also there… Bill P.’s annual party for his church group and friends seems to grow each year – he still had seven people left on Sunday.
Ben & Sandy M. proudly announced the birth Friday of Sandy’s daughter, Marissa Hillibrand’s first child, Paige Christie. Sandy was there for the delivery and cut the cord along with daddy Mac. “Big Poppie” Ben was off on Saturday’s 5:10 to join them… Krysia and Dave’s new baby will more than likely be with us this weekend.
The Flower Ladies, served by their “personal” Out server, Owen (from Ireland), sold 48 bouquets, sponsored by the Rosenblums, over the span of two ferries. Mallory made $7 in delivery tips. Once they finished, Janine, Joan, Judy, Amy, Lynn and Patty moved around to the Out Deck to schmooze with Rudy’s family. All three Woods kids are into softball, but it was Grace and her friends’ turn to go off to the Ducks game with dad Sam.
For those who didn’t party early, Saturday was a good beach day – though the winds and/or waves have taken away a lot of sand and brought rough water and red flags. It wasn’t even high tide but beach fun was pushed to the edge of the crashing surf – like Noah & Phillip R. playing paddleball with visiting Jeffery. Asked Cheryl about their “boarding shirts” bought by grandma. Seems they’re a pretty good sunscreen, but don’t tell the kids it’s good for them – they just think they’re cool looking.
Another annual whine – Why don’t THEY (whoever, ultimately, they are) deliver phone books to Seabay? Are they using old maps? Do the hourly delivery people just assume that Kismet ends at Pine? Doesn’t anybody ever tell them differently?
Don’t forget the Book and Bake Sale at the Fire House Saturday morning. and the art crawl, starting at 11. Add Carolyn Stern’s house and photos to the artists’ list. She’s on Pine, midway between the bay & Maple on the Saltaire side. Cartoon Alley’s Black & White party will be 5-ish on the 31st.