On And Off The Deck
Volume 48, Issue 7
By Jon Wilner

Congratulations Ariadne Villareal, Beau Clarke and Tony Moran, William Hayden and Ron Perkov, Tom Viola and the entire staff of Broadway Cares, Alan Cumming, the entire company of brilliant Dancers Responding To AIDS! The tenth annual outdoor celebration of Dancers Responding To AIDS benefiting Broadway Cares was the most spectacular event in the Pines this Summer! And how can we not thank Frank Stark, who for so many of those ten years hosted the event. This year was so enormous it had to be performed at the compound of Beau and Tony, the former Jerry Herman bayfront beach castle! Three sold out performances plus the cocktail party to end all cocktail parties at Ron and William’s. Talk about goodie bags, we got beach towels that will absolutely be a collector’s item. Ariadne, you are so special, and we are so grateful to have you in our community.
This weekend, there’s Tony’s Shorts at the Community House, and next weekend there’s LAMBDA at 246 Bay Walk with a special VIP cocktail party preceding at the home of John Bariletti and Tom Carmelengo, hosted by Rick Hill and Stephen Naas. But before LAMBDA, on Saturday morning July 31, please join Alan Brockman and the entire board of FIPPOA at Brandon Fradd’s bayfront home, 72 Bay Walk, to welcome Congressman Tim Bishop, the democrat who represents the Pines, and who opposes the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages. Congressman Bishop is also very active in our beach replenishment project, working with Tony Roncalli. Coffee and Danish from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m, only $40 per person, cash or personal check.
There’s also the FIPAP garden tour, Jim Stork’s historic run for Congress cocktail and dinner party on July 31, The Pines Colossal Beach Party August 14, and the After Party all on sale in our harbor.
Everyone has been asking about the Pines coming of age with High Speed Internet Access. Well now we have it! There are two companies to choose from, you can call Mark and Eric Shrader at the Pines Pantry 597 -6200 or you can try Jim Gerbig at (800) 982-3841. Recently heard while visiting Perry Wolfman and Aaron Kirsten, their little daughter McKenna complained, "Can you believe the internet is so slow on the island!" Well McKenna, not anymore!
Congratulations to Barbara and Ira Sahlman on the birth of their new grandson. And Matt Sullivan, the Pines dashing painter who never misses an appointment, is now a proud dad as well! Carlee Lovito had her third birthday celebration at 286 Bay Walk, while Alice Thorpe returns next week to enjoy the month long celebrations of her 102nd birthday. Candice Cayne makes everyone celebrate every Friday evening at the Blue Whale, now in her eighth smash week to sold out audiences!
Ron English and Theron Streiter are house guesting with Peter Cinelli and Michael LiPuma, welcome back Ron and Theron, it’s so nice to see you back home where you belong. Also back home in the Pines for the Summer is Saul Magram looking so trim and fit. And wasn’t that Marco Martelli, driving down the boulevard last weekend? It sure was, he was catering the Dancers Responding To AIDS events. Watch for Marco and Barbara’s new restaurant opening, MARCO’S NEW YORK. And of course, our forever returning gentleman with a rose for every lady, Milton Lubich was back on the boards in the Pines in time for Bastille Day.
Rehearsals begin next week for LADY BE GOOD, the Labor Day Weekend musical at the Community House. Mary Cole and the entire Board of FIPAP also invite you to see Liz Calloway on August 21. Tomorrow from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., follow the band to 606A Shore Walk, where resident artist extraordinaire Glen Wielgus is having his STUDIO SALE. Are there any homes in the Pines and Chelsea that are yet to be adorned by a Glen Wielgus? Not after Saturday.
Jay Pagano and Laura Hartstein will be leading a festive group by special ferries and buses on Tuesday, August 3 to the Town meeting where WHYTE HALL will finally become etched in the record books. Please join us on our field trip by calling Laura at 597-9472, as we make WHYTE HALL the reality of a dream come true. Construction begins this fall, right after the High Holiday services, which will be announced in next week’s column by Alan Masur, who will be at the helm for his 43rd year of celebrating the Jewish New Year in the Pines. Thank you Jimmy Stewart, who is so much a part of the success of our services.
This is it, call Mike Hartstein at 597-9472 if you want to run in the FIPPOA election in September. Nominations for the 2005 season will be announced next week. Ron McKenna would like me to remind everyone who purchased Pine trees this past spring, to water them well, they’re very thirsty! Ron and Mary Curtis suggest netting for the Pines ponds to protect your fish from the flying heron, who is feasting on our orange and red goldfish. William Hayden reports that the heron is huge, as Sumner Freeman and Roy Yaeger clocked our uninvited visitor as it was flying over Midway Walk. Scott Bromley recommends that everyone over six feet tall prepare to duck!
Don’t forget, Friday night at the Pavilion brings free admission. And this Saturday night, our very own PINES DJ and caterer extraordinaire, Billy Carroll, comes home to the Pavilion. Everyone is talking about the new DJ SUPER DAVE, who now shares his residence with Bill Burley et al on Fisherman Path. Catch him spinning on Thursday nights. Speaking of Thursday nights, BINGO IS BACK! Look for the signs in front of the Firehouse. Karen Boss will be calling B4, B4 you can say BINGO!
Please call Hal Rubenstein at 597-9629 to place your journal ad for the Pines Party. Robert Cory manages to keep so many of us calm, cool and collected during these hazy days of Summer at YOGA, every Saturday. A great place to meditate or pick up a neighbor. Bob Tabian took me to lunch last week, and he reminded me about all of those wonderful thoughts that we have about the Pines all winter. The Pines makes our summer last all year long, and every once in a while, we need Bob to remind us of that. So now that we’re exactly mid-stream in summer 2004, catch a glimpse at Sunset, make sure you take that barefoot walk on the surf, have a dance at tea, and take that promised Monday off from work, and play in the Pines!