Kismet Kapers
Volume 48, Issue 9
By Bradlee White

It’s August and it’s party time! Carole T. hosted friends and neighbors including the Seabay Bills, Camelot’s Anne, Linda, Janet & Karen, Helen & Don Q., Stephanie, Jeannie, just in from rehearsal at the Grove, Dorothea, Bob F. & Arlene, Lisa & David S. et al. to show off the new hickory flooring which she installed herself. Great job! Guests also admired her new Poindexter seashell painting, complimenting the décor. Cartoon Alley’s 1st annual Black and White Party set all-time records for the most food and drink and the biggest, longest-lasting Kismet party ever – from 6ish til dawn. Myrna & Phil, Beth, Peter, Andy, Chris, Andrea (in and out of a sickbed) and Super DJ Geri, with professional music equipment and entertained guests from everywhere in Kismet – Joe. B., Peter & Ellen Manion, Marc & Sherri Roth, the Tom & Cheryl Licari, Jean Mc., Anne R., Carol T., BC’s Stephanie, Geri, Paul & Debra Barbara, Dorothea (gifted them with Sesame Noodles), Xanadus Sal, Judy, Joyce, & Marilyn, Joe & Jeannine & Risque denizens, Bills-J. & P., Jim & Joanie, BS Kelly & Kerri, LH’s Sharon & Cathy, Greg & Caroline, LT’s Fran S., Jay, Ronnie & Carol, Avalon’s Marilyn, Robin & Alan, Houseboat’s Odd Couple Charles & Jim, Summer Daydream’s Sharon & Rochelle, Dennis W., Fragmenti’s Caroline, Jimmy W. on the camera and many more. Mugsy called from the Inn – they could hear it early on. The final count: 37 pitchers of Margaritas, 2 kegs of beer, 450 Jell-O shots, 174 deviled eggs & two 16-foot sandwiches.

The 4th Annual House Crawl, with eight house celebrants, was wildly successful. Rio Queen’s Lucy likened Friday nite to the Wednesday eve of Macy’s Thanksgiving – lots of detailed preparation, with everyone going house to house to check it all out. On schedule, the crawl began at the Yellow House’s Kamp Kismet (which, I was reminded, is not just Darryl & Boots, but also Sue, Mary Beth, Ernie, Mark, Jimmy, Joe, and Alison and visiting bro-in-law, Jason). The Kampers sported house t-shirts – produced on site by Alison with a computer and an iron – as well as Band-aids and Calamine lotion. Tents were pitched in the yard with arts and crafts out back. Rio Queen, rechristened Bushwood (for the movie, not the President), was Caddy Shack. Dominic, Danny, Tom, John and Cathy in golf attire and Lucy in an inner tube (regretting she’d foresworn a gopher costume as too hot), served up Busch beer, et al. Pronouncing it unhealthful, Kristen and Darryl seized Jeannie’s Red Ball, tossing it toward Triple Decker. A St. Patrick’s Parade, with Grand Marshall Gil leading three NYFD bagpipers (serving with Tommy N. in Harlem), a jolly shillelagh-wielding leprechaun and cheering colleens, marched up Pine to fetch the revelers to Cozy A for Guinness, Harp and green & orange Jell-O shots. I was lucky to get into Hell and Heaven at Flattop early cause it got hellishly crowded. The room was almost pitch black and hazy from a smoke machine. Fiendishly red and black devils, (Ron, Dave, two Brians, Condo, Paul & Mike) with Kiss faces were fearsome as they demanded visitors do a shot before they could pass into Heaven, (the deck), where four lovely white- winged, silver-haloed angels (Milja, Buffie, Kristen & Rachel) waited. The White House, too late to get onto the itinerary, came as black-clad HCP (House Crawl Patrol), sworn to uphold fun and issue citations for lewd behavior. Mary ordered badges and name tags from the Internet – Chief Huge Rack, Sgt. Swiftkik, Sgt. Hoti, Inspector Carefully & Officer Bosom, telling the supplier, "No, we’re not strippers." Bananas was kind of a blur, involving yellow house t-shirts, a big banana and a beer chugging relay which kinda upstaged Brown Sugar’s Beer Olympics, tho the Sugars, in matching house tees, gave a grand party anyway. (The Olympic medals seen on the beach Sun. were not from B.S.) I dropped out for dinner, but according to Dennis W. "Happy Daze ended the evening with the traditional Ms. Fire Island Pageant… except Kismet style… The supposed male Lifeguards had a chance to come out of the closet and adorn their gowns. The women showed off their wares as the Village People. With alcohol flowing and moonlight on their faces, some of these Ladies (?)… were guaranteed to “get lucky.” Lovers dropped out of the schedule for a bachelor party. Check out Kismetrental.com for color party pics.
Besides growing older, Kismet kids are growing up and taking jobs: Lisa Swiedler just back from a volunteer stint with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica, brother Alan is a Saltaire Camp Counselor, as is Caitlin B. Ellie S. is a CIT. Kiley P. and Grace W. working at the Market. Very talented older child, Brian Kelley, not only a super DJ, but quite a sophisticated web site designer. Kenny B. turned me on to beachblender.com for the Crawl schedule. Taryn P. off to Martha’s Vineyard for a week; Mallory W.’s softball team came in 3rd in the Gold Division while Sam’s barely missed the Championship (7-6), lucky horseshoe notwithstanding.
Visiting Wood’s Hole: eight Jewish and Christian evangelicals from a worldwide ministry (Jews for Jesus) from Ukraine and Russia who just finished a month of witnessing on NYC subways and street corners as part of a 30th annual summer program with others from South Africa, Australia, Israel and Canada. No matter your beliefs, you have to credit them for their sincerity and willingness to endure often abusive responses as they handed out over 1.3 broadsides in five boroughs. Jean offered them a welcome respite of 2 days of beach going, a visit to the Lighthouse and nightly barbeques.
The Flower Ladies thank recent sponsors Cheryl and Tom Licari and Greg Pecoraro and could use three more sponsors – come on volunteers!... Jill & Dror nesting at Purple Panache after two weeks in Italy – Elly went to camp in Maine... Kim Butler, recently named Biography Photographer of the Year, is working on writing 2 books.
The beach was anything but tranquil as three dolphins were sited Saturday and the Life S’bigger, out of Saltaire, lost her transmission and ran aground. Houseboat’s Jim was declaring salvage rights as "Gilligan and MaryAnn" abandoned ship. Overheard: "Really, folks, we’ve got a nice marina." … The House Crawlers never lost the beat, pitching a Kamp Kismet tent on the beach and funneling away. The Flattop devils were still red – apparently food coloring’s hard to get off – with Ron lamenting he had meetings all week… LH’s Joseph caught a big bluefish… Bill and Elaine Turley (’87) on a Margaritavilla vacation – their kids, Erica & Brendan, are teens, Bill’s law practice has five sites and Elaine just finished first year law school – time flies.