On And Off The Deck
Volume 48, Issue 6
By Jon Wilner

Well, we certainly can’t complain about the weather this year. And we certainly can’t complain about the restaurants for they’re terrific, and we certainly can’t complain about the summer being over, because it’s still July and we have another half to go. What, no complaints? If you’re in the Pines for Summer 2004, you have no reason to complain!
So open your checkbooks and get ready for the following benefits to help those who unfortunately don’t have it as good as we do, while we’re Summering in the Pines!
This weekend is Ariadne Villareal’s yearly triumph: the tenth anniversary of DANCERS RESPONDING TO AIDS, benefiting Broadway Cares. Friday night is the gala sponsor’s party at William Hayden and Ron Perkov’s with the performances all weekend long at the home of Beau Clarke and Tony Moran. Now if William, Ron, Beau and Tony don’t do enough this weekend, get ready for Saturday, July 31 where Former Mayor and Democratic Nominee for the US Congress for Florida, JIM STORK will be visiting us. The cocktail reception is at William and Ron’s bayfront home from 6 to 8 p.m., followed by dinner at Beau and Tony’s right across the walk, from 8 to 10 p.m. Cocktails are $50 and dinner, including cocktails, is $350 per person or $500 per couple. See, it pays to be married sometimes! You get a rate!
LAMBDA , another Pines ritual, spear headed by Jack Schlegel, is July 24 at 246 Bay Walk from 4 to 8 p.m. The VIP SPONSOR reception is at the home of Stephen Naas and Rick Hill preceding the cocktail party, oops, isn’t your house rented that weekend? Check out the details at the LAMBDA desk in the harbor, Jack will clear this up I’m sure. Later that evening on the 24th, come to Tony’s Shorts starring Jeff Brydges at the Community House.
As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important for one and all to greet Congressman Tim Bishop at 72 Bay Walk, the home of Brandon Fradd (Brandon, I’m sorry that your last name had two A’s and one D in the past two columns, but Alan Brockman had it corrected on the poster) on Sat July 31 from 11 to 1. Brandon hosted this past weekend’s Pines guest, Governor Howard Dean. Dean was the very first presidential candidate to ever visit the Pines, (Alan, up until then, your dinners on Midway were the nearest we ever got to a President), and our community showed our thanks this past Saturday, where Brandon’s home was packed with the most beautiful and generous of Pines residents. Simon Yates and Kevin Roon, David Beaty, Laurence Isaacson, Richard Winger and Andre Treivas, Andy Tobias and Charles Nolan, Ron McKenna and Perry Hamilton, Ed Parron and Jim Guidera, Jack and Rita Lichtenstein, and Michael Hyman were just a sampling of the crowd that showed their appreciation to Dean.
Now who would have ever believed that the New York Times Sunday Style Section would be dedicated to the Pines Invasion with the Blue Whale’s Candice Cayne singing God Bless America as the lead photograph? We’ve come a long way, and we should be damn proud.
Our new community house, WHYTE HALL, is soon to be in construction. We have made enormous progress and we thank all the generous contributors for our dream is now a reality. You’ll all hear the sounds of applause and shovels, as we begin in a few short months, following the 2004 High Holiday Services at the present Community House. Please join our large list of supporters by sending your contribution for this wonderful new WHYTE HALL, call Laura Hartstein at 631 597 9472.
There will be a celebration of the life of John Whyte on Sunday, September 12. Where else would we have this, but under the tent on the site of our planned Whyte Hall. Both Nicole LaFountaine Donoghue and Ron Perkov will be adding song that morning, followed by a breakfast hosted by Eric Von Kuersteiner at the Blue Whale.
I can’t resist this little story. Jim Gerbig, who has been working non-stop helping to bring wireless internet service to the Pines, was obviously told in a passionate display of abandonment that he wasn’t spending enough time at home. His dog, Inky, left the house and somehow wandered onto the early afternoon ferry boat leaving the Pines for Sayville. When Inky got to the other side, everyone on the boat departed in their cars or the van to the trains. But Inky had no where to go. Fortunately, our dedicated PAWS representative, Karen Boss, went over to get Inky and bring him back to Jim on the next boat. Jim and Inky are back together, now let that be a lesson to all you animal lovers, pay attention to your pet! Jim joined Laurie Linton and Erin McHugh for dinner, where Laurie, being the pet lover of all time, gave Jim some pointers on being a working parent of a pet.
FIPPOA and Ron McKenna are guiding the mosquito fogging on Thursday afternoons, Karen Boss and FIPPOA are dealing with the highway department at Brookhaven, to repair the boardwalks, Richard Winger and Jay Pagano are busily selling tents for COLLOSAL,the PINES PARTY on the BEACH on August 14, Hal Rubenstein is selling journal ads for the event, Mike Hartstein is rounding up candidates for the Fall FIPPOA elections, Lee Frey is saving the animals (she appeared under my house during the wee hours of the morning last month, helping a deer give birth ), Sylvan, Mary, Laura and Glen are finishing all the fine details for both the FIPAP Garden Tour on July 31st and LIZ CALLOWAY CABARET NIGHT on Aug 21. And we haven’t even gotten to peek in on rehearsals for LADY BE GOOD, scheduled for LABOR DAY weekend.
By the way, I’m not the only person who loves the color red, that’s Andrew Zobler’s new red boat in the harbor, not mine! Laurie Linton has a new bright red scooter, Fire Chief Ron Quinto and Albert Smith have a new red front door to match the color of the fire truck, Jeff Riordan concocts the tasties bloody mary’s while Eddie Candreva floats the reddest lobsters to go with Jack’s delicious assortment of red wines, to be adorned by Valerie’s deep red roses! Let’s not overlook the Pines red sunsets, the most beautiful in all the world!
Robin Byrd and Andrew Kirtzman will be guesting this column, there’s only four columns left! But until then, I’ll keep writin’, who could refuse the beautiful Nicole Pressly?