On And Off The Deck
Volume 48, Issue 9
By Jon Wilner

Last week I announced the news that the Wireless High Speed Internet has finally come to the Pines. Well, low and behold, this week’s news is even greater. Air conditioning has come to the Pavilion! After almost twenty years of being the hot spot of not only Fire Island, but the center of nightlife for Chelsea and beyond, the Pavilion finally has air conditioning. Fortunately the temperature was still hot enough for all of the male patrons to dance without their shirts, showing off the incredible abs that they work on all winter long, just for those Saturday nights at the Pavilion! What next? Do we see a state-of-the-art gym coming? Watch this column.
Friday night was not only another sold out Candice Cayne performance at the Blue Whale, but the ladies of the Pines decided to dine en masse. Well there couldn’t be a more beautiful bevy of women that included Fern Lee and Ginger Vardy, Dr. Juanita Evereteze (her new beautiful home is coming along splendidly), Brett Baccus (our magnificent FIPPOA secretary) and Diane Friedman, Ann Gentile and Carlotta Rossini (who are enjoying their newly renovated Bayfront home that they have enjoyed for over 25 years, (I remember when they built their swimming pool and what joy it brought them), and Suzanne Kucera and Molina Herring. Now anyone dining at the Blue Whale Friday night has to admit that the Pines has the most diverse and eclectic array of sensational personalities, all one in a million, none that are one of a million.
Welcome back Karen Nicosia, recuperating beautifully after minor surgery. Dino Georgiou has just returned from Greece. Robert Alfandre is on his way to Venice, and Andrew and Anthony are vacationing on Ozone while Stephen Knoll has set up home on Bay. David and Joshua are never returning to Washington, we’ve kidnapped them permanently to Ocean Walk. Alberto promised to stay ensconced at Coast Guard if Bingo comes back, we’re still waiting for Thursday night Bingo to resume, hopefully by Halloween?
Karen Boss informs me that the man who lost his fox has a new one. Lee Frey, Karen and PAWS have been searching and searching for the little creature. Only in the Pines do people replace their pet foxes. In the old days, they used to wear them to the High Holiday services at the Community Center. Speaking of the community center, call Laura Hartstein at 597-9472 to jump on the special ferry to the special buses to the special town hall meeting for the new Whyte Hall. Tuesday, August 3, is our field trip to the town for our permits.
Last weekend was the fabulously successful TONY’S SHORTS, a retrospective on the career of Jeff Bridges. Tony Impavido produced, directed and conceived this brilliant and entertaining evening. I thank Mary Strauch for bringing home my goodie bag filled with presents. I publicly apologize to Tony for missing this event. I bought my ticket and was looking forward to sitting next to Mary and Paul. I came home to take a half hour nap and woke up three hours later. I’m sorry I missed it, everyone is still raving. The FIPAP Garden Tour is this weekend, and coming up is Liz Calloway on August 21 and LADY BE GOOD starring the Lichtensteins and Laurence Isaacson on Labor Day Weekend. Glen Wielgus’ art show at his bayfront home was a lot of fun. Aside from his talented and creative paintings, it was a joyous afternoon with Mark Ski and Stephen Hayes, Barbara and Ira Sahlman, Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido, Brett Baccus and Diane Friedman and John Mueller. Ed Lewis, Glen’s dashing partner, played bartender just as Scott poured the drinks for Tony’s Shorts. Only in the Pines are partners so supportive of their loved ones’ successes. That’s what partners are all about, right?
Now this Saturday please join the FIPPOA Board of Directors at the bayfront home of Brandon Fradd, 72 Bay Walk, from 11 to 1 p.m. Congressman Tim Bishop, who opposes the ban on gay marriages and who has been influential with our beach replenishment is coming to see us. Annie Candreva is providing the catering. Come let Congressman Bishop hear our views and welcome him to the Pines.
Now everyone knows about Colossal, the big Toga and Torso all- night beach party on Saturday August 14! This is our yearly extravaganza that benefits the Pines Charitable Foundation and the Stonewall Foundation. Tickets are on sale on line at FIPPOA.ORG and soon in the harbor. Tents can still be purchased by calling the FIPPOA office at 597-6060. There will be a gambling casino, dancing until dawn, tents to visit, and plenty of Togas and Torsos to view.
Immediately following Colossal, on Sunday morning, August 15, is the famous AFTER PARTY at the home of Jim Pepper on Seaview Walk. I say Seaview Walk because congratulations are in order to Jim for purchasing one of the Gilston bayfront properties recently. In 1988 I purchased my Shady Walk home from Jim, and he generously donated those proceeds to GMHC. This party is not only sponsored and hosted by Jim, but it couldn’t be done without Jim’s right hand, Frank Corradino, who is responsible for the smooth sailing of so very many events in the Pines. Jim has hosted the AFTER PARTY for several years and it has brought thousands of dollars to the Stonewall Foundation, a very worthy and important charitable organization that distributes much needed funds to AIDS charities. This past spring, STONEWALL honored our most special friend, Laurie Linton, everyone’s favorite girlfriend. Laurie is spending the next number of weeks at Matthew Bank and Peter Hemmel’s oceanfront home. Laurie always has a float for me in the pool, she knows how to get me there!
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Kalinsky, Michael Hyman, Erin McHugh, Lynn Duval and Chris Stanley. Welcome back Jeffrey Dyksterhouse from touring lands far and few with CAMI. Art Collins has taken time off from being the POWER WASH KING to visit San Francisco. Richard Winger is back from Columbia to work full time on Colossal. And a hearty welcome home to Alice Thorpe, who celebrating her 102nd birthday this month, walked off the ferry and greeted all of us in the harbor last Thursday. Laura Eastman and Bunny Diehl have returned to Bay Walk for a visit from the Hamptons.
Ron Chereskin and Howard Goldfarb had the who’s who to their Saturday night dinner and cocktail party. Laura and Mike Hartstein, Alan Brockman, Eddie Schwartz and Russell Vance, Ron Perkov and William Hayden, Arnie Guior and Atilano Gimenez, Gino Chiapparelli and Richard Pitelli were just a few of the guests enjoying the mid summer soiree.
In the next column I’ll report on the candidates that are running for the FIPPOA Board of Directors. Karen Boss promises to continue banging nails or even banging heads to get the boardwalks addressed and fixed. And if you see Ron McKenna with a fogging machine, duck for the mosquitos. And don’t forget, please join us on Saturday to welcome Tim Bishop!