On & Off The Deck
Volume 49, Issue 1
By Jon Wilner

Dear John,

Saying Dear John is practically second nature. I can’t help it. So I have decided that the first column of the year should always be to Dear John Whyte. After all, he will always be with us, he will always be a major Pines figure. Which brings me to one of the most important pieces of news for the new season: Our new Whyte Hall is beginning construction, and the reality of our new community house is closer and closer. Architects Scott Bromley and Jerry Caldari have been working with our builder Vinny Pepe, and the excitement is mounting on all fronts. Thank you Jay Pagano for all your tireless efforts and time consuming meetings over the winter months. Laura Hartstein, you are an amazing woman! Could anyone be more dedicated to this project than you? And readers one and all, this is your chance to be a part of our new Whyte Hall with your contributions, none is too small, call Laura at 597-9472, and join our cause. We promise you a beautiful community center, a lively building for theatrical events, music, parties, a home for our religious congregations, a sparkling new Pines Care Center and of course, a wondrous and celebratory home for our FIPPOA gatherings and our vast number of charitable soirees. We are, of course, the most charitable community in the world. There is no cause too small nor is their any cause that does not have an incredible devoted team of volunteers. In another paragraph or two, I’ll highlight just a few events for this coming summer.
Over the winter months, the Pines did not sleep. The various activities of our Pines residents is more colorful than any travelogue, a season of “Desperate Housewives” or a Broadway musical. Our president Alan Brockman conquered India with Sumner Freeman and Roy Yaeger and the Mississippi Delta with John Mueller. Laura and Mike Hartstein and Glen Wielgus and Ed Lewis sojourned in St. Bart’s and in London. Barbara and Ira Sahlman between trips to Paris and abroad gave a Thanksgiving Dinner in their magnificent loft only topped by their "special" anniversary party, renewing their wedding vows, in March at Spice Market. Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido threw their annual Pines New Year’s Eve party on Porgie Walk and their Valentine’s Party on West 36th Street. John Addy and Nikki Marsh continue to commute between Huddersfield and the Pines, Henry and Irene Muller went to Berlin and Puerto Vallarta, Allan Masur enjoyed his winter fling in the Dominican Republic, and if I put in all the people that went to Vieques and St. Bart’s, I’d need another column. I know, I’ll just list the Pines folk who stayed home: Karen and Walter.
The Pines Conservation Society honored Tony Roncalli and Eric von Kuersteiner at Bob Pontarelli’s Elmo Restaurant this past March at their annual Spring Cocktail Party.
Andrew Kirtzman and Kyle Froman tied the knot at their New York City loft and it was one helluva wedding. Kyle’s sister from Texas announced: “I want a Jewish/Gay wedding when I get married.” Lilias Whyte, straight from Broadway, belted out anything but wedding blues!
We have new homeowners: welcome Richard and Elisa Rosen, David Goodhand and Joshua Dunkelman and Christopher, Fern Lee and Lori Zeller, Tee Scatourio and Michael Becker, Joe Little and Eric Winick, Chaz Perry and Paul Korczak, Martin Chavez, Jon Biondo and Tim Horman, Paul Ciarcia, Brian Moore and Joe Salvano, Randy Lauwasser and Jim Skicki, Conrad Carninale, Frank Silver and Gary Meehan, Bill Rivera and Jerry Hauck, Rick Freedman and Peter Devereaux, Mark McGuire and Craig Wilson, Tom Petersen, Paul Shio and Yves Gentil, Marilyn Karpoff and Diane Travis, Tom Butler and Al DeMoya.
And then were those who just moved their Pines addresses, Henry DeNome and All American Boy have moved to 36 Fire Island Blvd next to Bob Howard Real Estate, Walter and Karen Boss moved to their offices next to the Pavilion (now there’ll be no way to get Karen off the dancefloor). Check out Eric von Kuersteiner’s two newest additions, BAMBOO with our super star flower designer Golfe, and Steve D’Ascoli’s labor of love, the new INDEX gift shop. Welcome PJ and Patrick’s new Bistro and Sip n’ Twirl, we wish them great success. Welcome back David with a new name, Sapin!
The big news in the Pines continues to be the renaissance of our harbor. Jon Gilbert has worked incredibly hard with the harbor committee to implement the work needed to be done to bring our FIPPOA harbor to a state of the art, protected, vital and beautiful asset. More noticeable of course is Eric von Kuersteiner’s brilliance. Ask anyone who has tasted the food at the Bay Bar this season, chef John McAllister is the Pines’ greatest gift this spring. The Blue Whale and Bay Bar are now open daily…
Here are a smattering of the forthcoming events: Memorial Day Weekend at the Pavilion hosts DJ’s Super Dave on Friday, the return of Susan Morabito on Saturday, and Phil B. on Sunday. Tea at the Blue Whale with DJ’s Max Rodriguez and Super Dave and Brenda Black. Larry Bullock has a summer line up at the Pavilion in store for you that includes Monday Broadway Babies, a weekly salute to B’way with special video and music clips, 50% discount for those actor equity members. Movie nights on Wednesday, Daniel Nardicio-themed parties every Friday, Pavilion Fever on Saturdays and Retro Rock Sundays. And most exciting is the Pines’ very own ROBIN BYRD appearing every Thursday night this summer starring in her BULGE SPEEDO PARTY, Anyone wearing a speedo gets in free and is eligible to win the evening’s grand prize. But the true grand prize for all of us is to see Robin Byrd live, and for one night only each week, she’ll refrain from exclaiming, “Keep off the dunes!”
Eric is also going to invite one and all for the first ever Pavilion screening of the Tony Awards, Sunday evening, June 5th on the Pines’ largest screen. But you will not want to be in ear shot of Joey Mendoza as Christina Applegate wins, he will be uncontrollable, I’m sure!
Thanks to Eric and Tony, many of our Community Center events will be scheduled at large in the Pavilion this summer, during the construction of Whyte Hall. The annual Pines Care Center Spring Party, organized by Brett Baccus, was a big success, and Brett asks me to remind all the Pines Women to come to Pines Women this coming weekend.
SAGE will honor Ed Karlin, Sylvan and Mary Cole and Pines Conservation Society prez, Bob Howard on June 11th. Dancing on the Bay at Ken Zarilli and Josh McKinney’s bayfront home is going to be on July 3rd. Dancers Responding to AIDS is the weekend of July 18th and our PINES PARTY on the beach, is on July 30th. Hal Rubenstein will be joining Jay Pagano as co chairman this year , with Pines resident Jack Nolan , producing one of the Pines’ proudest charitable events.
Congratulations to Ken Metz and Forrest King: they have a beautiful son. Congratulations to Sara Jeffrey on her daughter Lindsay’s wedding, and of course, congrats to Eddie and Annie Candreva on their renewed marriage vows to each other this past Winter in Disneyland.
If you need a wagon sticker, see Ken Pollard in the FIPPOA office, now located behind the wagon rack in our temporary offices. If you have a pet, please register the little one with PAWS at Karen Boss’ office. Thank you Steve and Sean for all the Pavilion news.
On a personal note, Bob and I wish all of you a Pines Summer 2005 filled with laughter and love.