Barefoot And Wagons
Volume 49, Issue 10
By Sandy Drawers

I thought I’d close this season with a little musing on “Best Of 2005.”

Best Town Improvement Idea: Converting the Village Green into a Italian-like Piazza.

Best Suggestion for the First Law to Be Passed by the New Architectural Board:Mandatory box containers for garbage cans.

Most Ridiculous Effort: OB Village’s suggestion that the Historical Society hang art without touching the sheetrock walls.

Most Handsome Man in Uniform: Joe Russell in his WW11 naval uniform on Memorial Day.

Best Wagon Stuff For Sale:Pieces of leftover birthday cake for 50 cents, which include a free stone with a message on it. (Ira got “homeboy.”)

Easiest Way to Get in the Police Blotter: “Hooting.”

Cutest Lemonade Seller: Carlos Vega’s daughter.

Most Jellyfish Prone Walk: Evergreen at Bay.

Biggest Former Closet Case to Visit Fire Island: Former N.J. Gov. McGreevey.

Most Energetic Worker for Our Lord: Shirley at the Free Union Church.

Cutest Bartenders: Brian Rojas from Housers; Sarah from the Albatross.

Florence Nightingale Award: Dale Wykoff.

Most Inspirational Quest: Crohn’s article in search of his family’s memorial sign gone mysteriously from the wagon park.

The Free Union Church will have a dedication ceremony August 28 at 10:45 a.m. to thank the Morris Family for the lights in memory of Betty Bach Norris, the Gifts from the estate of Francis Vogel Leseh and Geraldine Stretch who ran the Sunday School.

Well goodbye to 2005. Ira are heading to Palm Beach as soon as the the fall lines arrive in Bloomies. See you in the spring!


Jonathan Russell, 10, wows crowds at the Chill Out Aug. 19, with Bill Wurtzel on guitar, Art Baron on trombone, drummer Mr. Wetherley and Les Lieber (not shown) who organized the event and played the alto saxophone.


A heroic dog rescue in the bay in Seaview. The dog jumped into the water from Bay Walk and kept swimming away. Alerted by a passerby, the lifeguards were able to rescue the frightened border collie.