On & Off The Deck
Volume 49, Issue 10
By Jon Wilner

The season finale. This column will not be as dramatic as the finale of SIX FEET UNDER or QUEER AS FOLK. First of all, with the permission of the publisher, this column will return Memorial Day weekend, 2006. Second of all, this has been a super summer, with a lot to cheer about and celebrate. Most importantly, we raised over a million dollars for various charities right in our harbor this summer.

Last weekend alone, Alan Gandolfi, Will Schulz and Ernie Cervi hosted RITES OF SUMMER, the umpteenth yearly outdoor dance party benefiting the Empire State Pride Agenda. Albert LePage, Jerry Saloma and Jim Luigs, Albert Russo, Jonathan Gold, Bill Herbst and Ralph Gilmartin, James Trainer, John Clifford and Nikki Marsh were just a few out of the amazing shirtless crowd dancing to the incredible sounds of Tony Moran under the bright August sunshine. That was immediately following the Pines Care Center benefit at the home of John Bariletti and Tom Carmelengo. Porsche and Billy Angel were the entertainment. With Porsche’s talent and Billy’s talent and energy, there was no denying that we certainly got our party’s worth. Tommy Esposito and the Chamber of Commerce presented Ed Schulhafer and the Pines Care Center with $1,000 in addition to the $16,000 raised by our fellow homeowners. Alan Brockman presided over the event, which was just steps away from his home. I enjoyed visiting with Mary and Paul Strauch, Fern Lee and Lori Zeller, Edwin Pound, Vinnie Pepe and Suzy Lodato, Walter and Karen Boss, and Crayton Robey. Special thanks to Perry Hamilton who has been working non stop on this party.

Congratulations to FIPAP on their smash hit musical production of AND THE WORLD GOES ROUND. Nicole LaFountaine, you are amazing! Jack and Rita, please never stop performing in our shows, you would have been an inspiration to Lunt and Fontanne. Sue Willis and Rose Levine, well there’s no words. Dan McDonald should be on Broadway, well at least, off Broadway. Steven Alan Black not only tore the house down but also sold tickets in the harbor along with our favorite Ticketmaster gal, Mary Strauch. Kander and Ebb would have been very proud of this production. Special thanks to Eric von Kuersteiner for donating the Pavilion for not only the four sold out performances, but for all the rehearsal time. Eric has transformed the Pavilion into a palace for disco, a theatrical home for FIPAP, a meeting hall for FIPPOA, a Cinerama spectacular for cinema, a nightclub, and a religious hall for the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. It is quite the community to watch the musical performing inside the Pavilion while high tea was in full blast upstairs. There’s no doubt, the Pines has something for everyone.

FIPAP also is enjoying the success of its cooking classes, the next one at Glen Wielgus and Ed Lewis’ home in September will be given by Barbara Sahlman. Then there’s also the concert in Sumner Freeman and Roy Yaeger’s garden this weekend. Kudos to Mary Cole, Laura Hartstein, Glen Wielgus and the entire FIPAP crew who didn’t leave a stone unturned this summer providing just as much activity despite their home being in flux over the next year while our community center is being built.

Rosh Hashana services will be Monday evening, October 3 and Tuesday, October 4, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur will be on Wednesday evening, October 12, and Thursday, October 13, respectively. Take advantage of our special boats, courtesy of Ken Stein on Monday October 3, and Wednesday October 12th. Thank you Eric for giving us the use of the Pavilion and keeping the building open after you will have closed for the season. Also you won’t want to miss the Congregation B’Nai Olam’s yearly Rosh Hashana brunch, catered by Eric Von Kuersteiner after services on October 4th. This year our services will be dedicated to the life and times of Allan Masur, our founder and chairman. Jimmy Stewart will be reminiscing Allan’s colorful and energetic life, while Rabbi Hara Person and Cantor Mark Aaron James will be presiding over the services.


Architect Tad Paul has outdone himself. It was so exciting to visit Tad and Peter Hoontis at their bayfront home for sunset and cocktails earlier this week. They have transformed the former Madonna cottage into one of the most beautiful homes in the Pines.


FIPPOA elections will be held during our Fall membership meeting on Saturday September 17th at the Pavilion. Alan Brockman, Jack Lichtenstein, Jon Wilner and Cheryl Jimerson will be running as incumbents along with Gino Chiapparelli, John Bariletti, Ariadne Villareal and Tom Morgan. There are five slots open so you will definitely want to attend the meeting to hear the voices of the candidates prior to the voting. This past year we were blessed with three new board members, Stephen Hayes, Randy Wilson and Roy Yaeger, all who have made a wonderful contribution to our board.


Kevin Scott will be houseguesting with Jay Pagano and Mark Fortier next week. Kevin, known to one and all as the life partner of the late Richard York, has a new novel out called THE BOYS IN THE BROWNSTONE. Great Fall reading. This Fall we look forward to the birth of Chris and Theresa Lovito’s newest family member. A boy or a girl, no doubt you will have the looks of both parents, you lucky kid. The closing dinner at the Blue Whale will be on Saturday, September 10th. The Pavilion will play its final dance for the season on September 17th and the final tea is Sunday September 18th. The Bistro and Sapin will remain open for dinner throughout September.


Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido plan their New Year’s Eve party in the Pines, so if you haven’t winterized, call your local plumber. I’m keeping my new swimming pool open till the first frost. Jack and the boys at Pines Liquor will be here through Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to vote in November, Ron McKenna and FIPPOA will provide transportation to the voting booths in Ocean Bay Park on Election Day. George Bolender will be keeping us in tune with the world via the Pines Post Office through October 15th. Please buy your stamps for the Fall and Winter at our Post Office in the Pines. Laura and Mike Hartstein are off to Africa, Glen Wielgus and Ed Lewis, Brett Baccus and Diane Freedman, Vinny Pepe and Suzy Lodato, will be spending much time in Vieques. Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido, Bob and myself, are looking forward to some beach days this Winter in St. Barth’s. Tony Roncalli and Eric Von Kuersteiner have an Atlantis cruise in their future. Mary and Paul Strauch, Arnie Guior and Atilano Gimenez, Walter Lawrence and Stephen Lewis, Ron Chereskin and Howard Goldfarb, Ron McKenna and Perry Hamilton, George Bolender, Peter Cinelli and Michael LiPuma, Michael Hyman and Jeffrey Riordan, and almost everyone else will be hitting the various shores of Florida. Laurence Isaacson, John Addy and Nicky Marsh are off to England, with a week along with Bob and myself in Barcelona. John Conboy and Bob Messner will be sunning in Palm Springs. Wherever the Fall and Winter take us, our hearts and our best outfits will remain here at home in the Pines. We all look forward to returning early next Spring as we once again share the anticipation of opening our houses and beginning a new season, that hopefully next year, will go just a teeny bit slower than this season. Thank you Tony and Eric, Walter and Karen, Mark and Eric, Eddie and Annie and Sara, Sean and Steve, Golfe and Ryan, Jack and Larry and Chris and Steve and Paul, Doug and Esther and Annette, Henry and Eleanor, PJ and Patrick, David and Sean, Vinny and Artie and Brandon and Dave Anderson and George Bolender and Ron McKenna and everyone that is responsible for making this island tick. We may all take life here in the Pines for granted at times, but we never lose our love for our home here and we never cease to get goose bumps on that first ferry ride of Spring.


Thank you Nicole for asking me to write each column. Dear John, Sylvan, John and Allan, you’ll always be here in our hearts. Thank you Alan Brockman for working all year with the FIPPOA board to protect our rights for our community in the Town of Brookhaven. Thank you once again Tony Roncalli for not only getting us the sand last year, but for getting us enough of it so that we can enjoy it year in and year out. Thank you Eric or revitalizing our downtown commercial area with excitement, class and beauty. Thank you Ron Martin and Jon Gilbert and the entire Harbor committee for all your work. Thank you Ed Schulhafer, Ron Martin and Brett Baccus and the Pines Care Center for all that you have accomplished in keeping our doctor’s office alive and well. Thank you Hal and Jay for the best party ever. Thank you to all the Fire Commissioners and the Pines Volunteer Fire Department for keeping us safe and protected, we got over the loss of Bingo. But we’re getting our markers ready for 2006. And I apologize to anyone that I did not thank, for this island doesn’t just happen to be magical, we keep it magical!


Much love, see ya in the Spring!