Around The Park
Volume 49, Issue 2

By Joyce Peters

A TRAVELING MAN —Author, researcher, NBC/MSNBC travel correspondent and Travel Network host is our Peter Greenberg. When not on a plane or on assignment he is touring countries with Kings and Prime Ministers for specials for the Travel Network. His adventurous escapades have included touring Jordan on the King of Jordan’s motorcycle, exploring glaciers and repelling with New Zealand’s Prime Minister, a special on The Queen Mary 2, and soon to be aired jaunts to Jamaica and Fiji. Peter, a member of the OBP Fire Dept. has been there and seen that. Ask him his favorite destination and without missing a beat he’ll answer “at home on the bay in Ocean Bay Park”

WINTER WANDERINGS —Amy and Allen Lewis opted for the sun in Aruba…Marki and Steve Knopp sold their Connecticut estate, and toured Vietnam before settling down to supervise the building of their new home in Telluride… Paulette and Paul Mannes migrated to Las Vegas …The Sugarmans schussed Park City trails… Janis and Ken Hirsch spent most weekends on Bromley and Stratton in their expanded ski house and then flew to Austria for more snow …Janet and Jeff Lewis toured Tuscany in the fall and St Bart’s for her birthday this spring… Alice & Arnold Kotzen and Sharon Gerson & Bob Farley returned exhausted from sightseeing and shopping in China…Mary McCullough & Bob Vaskas sailed the Caribbean on The Queen Mary 2…Betty and Bob Errico did Italy and Sicily with Bob’s Monroe College group…Paula Ingram and Bob Hebron spent three weeks in Russia and India…This year, the St James Club on Anquilla was the destination of choice for Pat & Mike Supple, Barbara and Steve Placilla and Robbie and Tom Byrnes – a bit quiet but they had a grand time…Norma Raglin and Bernie Weil honeymoon-ed in Aspen where Norma took a bad fall the first day breaking her shoulder…Marjorie and Leon Auerbach spent six weeks in Australia and New Zealand… Eileen Slobotkin introduced Chloe and Taylor Siegel to LA LA Land, Malibu and Santa Barbara…Lily and Patsy Polatchek went on a Roman Holiday.

FORGET GREEN ACRES — Florida is the place to be… Marci and Howie Haims purchased a condo in Fiddler’s Creek, joining Lynn and Wes Little and Doreen and Tim Flynn as San Marco owners, and Kenny Adams and Joanne Beermann, who vacation on the island every winter…Francine and Bernie Kaplan relocated to an oceanfront condo on Sunny Isles…Linda and Charlie Molesphini settled into their Delray condo, joining the Delray crowd – Brooke Trent, Karen Kee, Gwen Verbeeck, Gene Neville, and Barbara and Herman Lederberg.

THE GREENING OF ERIE STREET — Started at the Hirsch’s has become epidemic. More and more trees being planted daily by Steve Annicharico.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS — A new shed is Nonda and Jeff Rubenstein’s latest edition to their “work in progress house”… The Storks have raised the house, literally…Terri and Bob Howard have renovated and expanded…Stumbin-Inn has been resided…The Schiffers have changed windows and painted… The Caganeses have reposted and are planning to expand…Extensive renos continue on the Gold Coast. Stroll up Michigan and you’ll be amazed at the changes at the Auerbach, Theodore and, Benrubi houses…AND Jim Lindsey has painted his bay house a barn red…

CANDLES TO— Joan Rubenstein (6/10), Ed Horton (6/13), Barbara Placilla, Danielle Paladino and Paulette Mannes (6/14), Peter Harrison, Tom Horton, Wes Little Jr., (6/17), Ted Caccia (6/19), Lewis Hershkowitz (6/21), Denise Ficara (6/21). And anniversary couples: Jenny (Abeles) and Paul King on 6/13 and Paulette and Paul Mannes on (6/22)…

LATE BREAKING NEWS — Suzanne (nee Browne) and Mike Falowski's new addition Charles Patrick arrived Sunday June 5th at 2:59AM. CP was 21 inches and weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces.