Kismet Kapers
Volume 49, Issue 2

By Bradlee White

Summer came suddenly…twice. After the best Memorial Day in many years (6 of the last 20 Memorial Day weekends have been rainy as have 3 out of the last 5 according to NYC’s Channel 1), the damp cold set in again. I burned up all my fire wood and ordered more. Twelve hours after Joebeck, Aaron (Circle of Friends) and I finished stacking our shares of wood, summer came again – for real. Should have known. The community thanks you, Mark Cherveny, for bringing summer.
All of a sudden it’s June and the annual KLAW Flea Market is this Saturday. It seemed like I had so much more time to get ready last year. I figured I’m just getting older. Of course, I’m not getting older: the weather has been so discouraging that many folks haven’t been out, or out of the house or energized enough to clean out and replace their old tchotchkies with new…In any case, if you want to exchange your stash of old books for new or have some old kitchenware or jewelry or want some new-to-you stuff, or just want something to do Saturday, stop by the firehouse…(KLAW is Kismet League for Animal Welfare – planned parenthood, adoption center and soup kitchen for the abandoned and feral cats among us.)
The holiday Friday afternoon boats were jammed. I’ve got this picture of thousands of workers all over the Metropolitan Area suddenly dropping their pencils, tools and utensils, grabbing suitcases and splitting for taxis, trains, planes and boats once those first rays of sun appeared…Gregg and Jane unveiled little nine-week-old puppy Lola, riding home in an open doggy bag in their wagon – she only jumped out once…Boots and Darryl were and will be out visiting with the Yellow House crew, and celebrating their first anniversary…Rita G. prepared for anything with a space heater and a tufted Tiki umbrella side by side in her shopping cart…Hank Clements home from Iraq on a brief leave…Sunset’s Mike & Susan K. hosting Susan’s daughter Kristen, husband Jason and darling six-month-old Nicholas…It was a French invasion as Monique brought her parents out and Karl and Kami made their ‘05 debut at Avalon. Rollie’s recovering from shoulder surgery while Jules Levine has been temporarily benched after a by-pass in May. Channel 5’s morning show host, Jim Ryan, has retired. Is there a book in the works? Biology teacher Andy Henriksen (Cartoon Alley) has been autographing his new book, Dragon Tales & Stories, while his screenplay is nearly done…Linda S. did all the beautiful planting for the Out…the North Shore Hospital EMTs are on duty from 11-7, seven days a week…we miss Lynn Clement at the Market – she’s working full time for Sam now.
Lillie and Jennie Shulman were the first customers for the grand opening of Miss Alice’s Sweets and Treats (bay side of Margaritavillas). Mom Debra said they’d need to cut a direct path from their Bulkhead home. It was a reopening for Joyce and Collette who arrived for the Saturday noonish event. They were small children when the original Miss Alice (Mademoiselle Trottier, Andre Morin’s aunt who survived the 1938 hurricane clinging to a tree in Saltaire) opened her store in her cottage on the Bulkhead site in the 50s. According to Al Bliss in “The Kismet Story,” she “was Kismet’s rugged individualist and, in a small way, its conscience…she sold kids, on credit, ice cream cones, bubble gum and penny candy out of a small deep freeze and showcase in the parlor…squirreling cash and chits in a mint conditioned Panatella cigar box.” This is a new-century Miss Alice’s with a thousand shiny plastic bins for candy and a wall of flashing lights, but the spirit is still there for kids of all ages. Tom & Marilyn stopped in with their new puppy. Pretty teens are hanging around there too – FH’s Kristen T., working the ice cream scoop with pal Kiley P. visiting.
Lemonade stands are still in but the real enterprising kid entrepreneurs are featuring shiny, glowy, battery operated stuff – Ian, on skates, and his pal Jason were set up on the “mart” corner of E. Lighthouse and Maple on the holiday weekend where I bought a blinking bracelet. Mama Sharon said it was a real learning experience for them as they evaluated the demographics of their customer base…the redheaded kids, Ashley and Ryan seem to always be in the middle of some exquisitely private game with visiting pals on the corner of Maple and Pine…Henry W., at 4, is chauffeuring his little sister Katie while the teen squad – Catherine, Anna Marie, Caitlin, Tony and Caroline – is everywhere on their bikes (along with Lee Frances, they were the models for the “Oh, aren’t Kismet sidewalks terrible?!” photo last issue).
Where’s the party?
Didn’t seem to be a whole lot of parties. People kept going to Stephanie’s Beachcomber, but her (understated but great) party was the weekend before – an important birthday. The Out’s Craven band experience on Sunday was a blissful trip down memory lane where adults could actually venture outside the door without fear of being run down by a caravan of oversized SUVs or ticketed by zealous gendarmes. Now if the hammerheads will only stay away…Saw ex-Beachcombers Cathy and Nina, visiting with Sharon, formerly of Sunshine Dreams, now sharing Lawn House space with former Alleyite Geri…Lots of moving around as Susan and Carol of Sunshine Dreams moved to the Boatel and Beachcombers Abe and Jeannie moved to EZ Inn as Ronnie Z. summers elsewhere this year. John C. introduced me to Ellie, of the Ms. Ellie that once docked in Kismet on a regular basis… Bravo’s Bobby & Mary and the Dusty Ann’s Mike and Dusty docked in time for dinner Thursday nite…Kismet has its own jewelry Kenny every weekend…Beth and Tom, who’ve been biking in for years, showing off his new chainless bike by the Inn – it looked soo clean.
Coming Up:
Next weekend, the Kismet Community Association dinner and auction at the Out. Dinner tickets are $65, but everyone is welcome to the take part in the auctions: The silent auction begins in early afternoon, and the “live” one starts around 8 p.m. Lots of enthusiastic bidding by well-lubricated Kismetians for scads of really nice and imaginative treasures and services. And you can always stay – or come early for -- the 80’s party at the Out. Bill P. is again coordinating the Open Artist Studio Day, aka Art Crawl/Krawl, on July 16 – 11-6. Anyone with art, photography or crafts and a house deck to show it on is welcome to sign up with Bill – deadline is July 5th.