On And Off The Deck
Volume 49, Issue 2

By Jon Wilner

It’s mid June already, amazing! Did everyone paint the white border on their share of the boardwalks last week? If you need paint, the FIPPOA office will have more this Saturday morning. Thank you to Cheryl Jimerson and Randy Wilson for organizing this event. But please, if for some reason you weren’t here, or you just forgot, it’s important, for it lasts for two years, and besides the fact that it truly works on those dark nights, it makes our blocks look ever so much better.
This Saturday SAGE will honor four special people in the Pines from 6 to 8 PM at the Hotel Ciel, Aqua Gym, hosted and catered by Eric von Kuersteiner. Dennis Lonergan has worked tirelessly to help make this event happen every year, and this year’s event promises to be extremely special for many reasons. The four people being honored deserve all the applause that they will undoubtedly receive on Saturday. Ed Karlin has lived in The Pines forever. I first met Ed at High Tea, he was always the most popular guy there, and he was always the only person I knew who went to High Tea seven nights a week. He was also my neighbor when I lived in the co ops in the early eighties. Ed now enjoys the Pines in the ummer and Fort Lauderdale in the winter, but aside from his duties as comptroller for FIPPOA, he is the guy who keeps everyone laughing and smiling in the harbor. He won’t run you down in his little red scooter, but he may chase you from walk to walk! Then there is the second honoree, my life partner, Bob Howard. As young as he is handsome, he changed the face of real estate in The Pines with his savvy marketing and devotion to our community. The third and fourth honorees need no introduction. It is with deep sadness and great love that we will be honoring beautiful Mary Cole and Sylvan Cole just days following Sylvan’s death. Sylvan founded the Fire Island Pines Arts Project back in the seventies and up until the time of his passing, devoted so much of his time to our community.
Mary has been the FIPAP President for the past number of years, and together they have both brought incredible gusto and energy to The Pines. Sylvan not only shared his incredible knowledge of the art world in creating our Pines art shows, but he was able to find great talent among our residents. The Pines art show remains one of the most celebrated events in The Pines, largely due to Sylvan Cole. Both Mary and Sylvan have been extraordinary neighbors to me on Shady Walk, and Sylvan knew almost everyone in the community, young and old, by their first and last names, he never forgot a name to go with a face. And I know that we will never forget his face or his name, he will live forever in The Pines.
June 15th is the last day to register for the 2005 Pines Art Show that will take place on August 6. E-mail Glen Wielgus to register at [email protected].

Congratulations to Perry Hamilton on graduating from Fordham Law School. Also congratulations to Alexandra Lesser on her graduation from the Berkshire School in Massachusetts and we wish her all the best as she enters Ohio Wesleyan University. We have watched Alexandra since she was born, and she is as beautiful as both her parents. Happy Birthday to Allan Masur, Joseph Messina and Tom Hendee.
Howard Dean is the only Presidential candidate to have ever come to The Pines. And we all came to Brandon Fradd’s house two years ago to show our appreciation. Well now, Mr. Dean, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee is returning to The Pines for his third visit and I know we will give him our support that day, for he knows that his presence to our community will make a difference. Brandon Fradd again invites you to his home at 72 Bay Walk, on Saturday, July 9 from 12 to 2, refreshments served, and please bring $100 contribution to the Democratic National Committee. Thank you Brandon for being so dedicated, you never say no to opening up your beautiful bayfront home for these important functions. You are a very generous and giving gentleman! And while your checkbooks are out, please write one more. Our congressman Tim Bishop has been able to get funding for the Fire Island to Montauk Point Reformulation Study back into the federal budget. That’s our beach everyone! This is for hurricane protection, beach erosion defense and beach renourishment. Let’s show him our support with a contribution to “Tim Bishop for Congress” campaign. You can drop off your check to the FIPPOA office that is located in the trailor behind the wagon rack, when you go to get your wagon sticker.
Everyone’s having a ball at Robin Byrd’s Bulge party every Thursday night at the Pavilion. Join Robin as she hosts a bulge contest among the audience. Will your bulge win? Or your neighbor’s bulge? You can join the audience as a judge or you can join in as a contestant, it’s your choice. Or just let Robin decide. Monday nights at the Pavilion is Broadway night, and Friday nights are becoming the hot spot in town with Daniel Nardicio’s Big Top Fridays. And if that is not enough, after a delicious dinner at the Blue Whale, every Friday night Candice Cayne returns as The Pines audiences keep growing and growing.
Last Sunday night, Bob and I watched the Tony Awards with Joey Mendoza and Art Collins at the Pavilion. Larry Bullock had set up tables with Tony award contests and a lot of delicious popcorn. We all cheered as Water Island resident, Jerry Mitchell won his first Tony Award as choreographer for La Cage. I was particularly happy for Jerry Herman as La Cage picked up its Best Revival Tony, after all, Jerry wrote the score for La Cage right here in The Pines at his bayfront home back in 1983. Scott Stuart cheered as his housemate, Jose Llana, performed a number from Spelling Bee.
Just a week ago, we welcomed back Tommy Tune to The Pines, as he was houseguesting with Todd Ruff. Joe McMillan and Michael Badger now reside in Tommy’s tall oceanfront home. That was Edie Deane and her famous tamberine at tea over Memorial Day weekend. She was Jim Pepper’s first houseguest at his new bayfront home.
Congratulations to Ed Schulhafer and Crayton Robey on their move from the Ocean to the Bay. Ayse Kenmore paid us a visit last week. Laura and Mike Hartstein are sprucing up their bayfront house in preparation of their granddaughter’s arrival. There’s word that Eric is opening up a Gap Kids store in the harbor just for that visit.
Next up is Mermen and Miracles, a benefit for Miracle House! Saturday, June 18th at 548 Beachcomber. Tickets on sale in the harbor this weekend. Tickets are on sale now for Pines Party 2005! It’s Saturday July 30th, dusk to dawn. Go on line www.fippoa.org for your tickets, your tent, or your ad in the journal. This year’s theme is Television Characters. Go as your favorite television star. Robin will help you I’m sure, if you want some pointers on going as her. Take advantage of your FIPPOA membership to receive your discount on line now thru June 30th.
Dancing on the Bay at Ken Zarilli and Josh McKinney’s house on July 3rd. The invasion is on July 4th in the harbor. Rose Levine will be celebrating her 30th invasion, and her 50th of visiting The Pines. Can you imagine, Rose has been living in the Grove for 51 years! I’m not being bitchy, honest, she actually told me this on the phone. She’s the man who came to dinner! And we all love her! Jack and Rita Lichtenstein, Tony LaRocco, Barbara and Ira Sahlman and I remain Rose’s greatest admirers!
Has everyone seen Dan Cochran and Greg Sulphin’s new gatehouse? Scot Samuelson designed it. Can you imagine? We’re now having architects design our gatehouses. And you thought the gates were only in Central Park? Fortunately we have three more architects in addition to Scot for your gate design pleasure, Scott Bromley, Tad Paul and Nick Politis. Ed Schulhafer and I had a lovely walk down Midway last Sunday. First we stopped at Prez Alan Brockman’s house to see his magnificent gardens. In addition to all the colors of the universe, he has bright orange rhododendron. And a general from China! Then we sauntered over to Roy Yeager and Sumner Freeman’s garden of Eden. Two wonders of the universe right on Midway! Scott Fleig, another Midway resident this Summer, had a brunch catered by Annie Candreva. I got to spend some quality time with Stephen Bruce and Bill Brusca, Ward Auerbach and Robin Kahn.
June is busting out in The Pines, couldn’t resist that line, you can take the boy out of Broadway but you can’t take Broadway out of the boy, I guess.