On And Off The Deck
Volume 49, Issue 3

By Jon Wilner

It’s been a very busy social season and it’s not even the Fourth of July yet! The SAGE event honoring Bob Howard, Ed Karlin, Mary and the late Sylvan Cole was a complete success. The first part of the event at the gorgeous home of Sumner Freeman and Roy Yeager was very festive with special guest stars Andrew Kirtzman and Carson Kressley. Andrew spoke about the trials and tribulations of being an openly gay newsman and political reporter as Carson yearned for a husband. Later on that evening, we moved to the Aqua Pool at the Hotel Ciel, where host Eric von Kuersteiner outdid himself. The pool area hasn’t looked so sumptuous and inviting since those John Whyte gala fashion shows back in the seventies and eighties. Ed Karlin was introduced by Prez Alan Brockman, I introduced Bob, and Ed Schulhafer gave a warm and loving tribute to both Mary and Sylvan Cole. Mary was as graceful as she is poised, and was saluted by one and all, with the largest amount of applause that truly came from the hearts of all of us. Jack Lichtenstein once again laid us all in the aisles with his indefatigable humor pointing out that he and Rita were looking for a third to spice up their marriage, Rita wanted a boy and Jack wanted a girl, or was it the other way around? Yep, I think it might have been the other way around. At any rate, no one needs to spice up that marriage, just looking at Rita as Jack was speaking, one knew that the love in their eyes was just as spicy as the day they were married. Happy Birthday Jack! Also Happy Birthday to Anthony Varvarro and Sandy Stevenson!

After the SAGE event, Laura and Mike Hartstein threw a fabulous dinner at their bayfront home. Laura and Mike make everyone at their home feel as if they were the only ones invited. They find time to socialize with each and every guest. Ed Lewis and Glen Wielgus, Eddie Schwartz and Russell Vance, Alan Brockman, John Mueller, Albert LePage, Barbara and Ira Sahlman, Anthony Linzalone, Jack Nolan and Edwin Brouder, Jay Pagano and Mark Fortier, Lila Swell and Sandy Stevenson were just a few of the guests sipping cosmos and eating lobster and steak poolside.

This past Saturday night was Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido’s eighth annual Margaritas from Hell Party, sponsored by Gran Centenario Tequila. Well everyone who is anyone was at this party. I saw people I haven’t seen in twenty years. Jerry Rumaine and Nick Russo and Sybil Bruncheon were there and we welcomed home Valerie Riley, Dan Harrison and Scot Samuelson, Barbara and Marco Martelli. Michael Hyman and Jeff Reardon personally saw to it that everyone of the 500 limes were properly quenched. Scott and Tony had been squeezing for over a week. Don Vanderhoef and Jim Vandernoth, Garry Korr, Nicki Marsh, Michael Patten and Gary Groff, Ron Quinto and Albert Smith, Suzy Lodato and Vinny Pepe, Bill Karam were all there. Eight month-old Sydney Hartstein made her social debut in The Pines, and how glorious that that social debut was at Scott and Tony’s. Their home has a special place in many of our hearts, for that is where we winter folk watch the Pines ball drop every New Year’s Eve!

From Margaritas and Hell, Bob and I swiftly fast stepped it from Porgie Walk all the way to Beachcomber to attend the Merman and Miracles Benefit Party for Miracle House. Hosts Chris Kern, Doug Smith, Jim Guedry, Mark McGuire and Craig Wilson along with celebrity bartenders Tom Koch and Wayne Heyser helped make this poolside soirée very festive. Randy Wilson and Don Reedy had me in hysterics on the roof deck which appeared to be the highest point in The Pines. We saw all the way to Ocean Beach and beyond from up there. Eye Doctor extraordinaire Chris Coad was even impressed with the unbelievable view from atop the roofdeck, he never knew how successful those laser eye operations were until now.

Well after two magnificent cocktail parties it was on to dinner at the bayfront home of Ron Chereskin and Howard Goldfarb. Perry Wolfman and Aaron Kirsten, Andrew Kirtzman, the Sahlmans, the Schwartz-Vances, Alexander Baer, Alan Brockman, the Hartsteins, Dennis Margulies, Anthony Varvarro and Andrew Ambrosio helped make Saturday night another balmy June evening to remember. Bob and I then headed West to the gala Birthday celebration of Sandy Stevenson where Lila proudly produced a cake in the shape of Sandy’s face. It was just as tasty!

Little Sydney Harstein learned at a tender age of eight months how exhausting a June weekend could be. The last I saw her, she was fast asleep in Aunt Jen’s arms. In the harbor, Jack and Edwin were selling Pinesalacious T-shirts advertising Pines Party 2005, the beach party to end all beach parties on July 30, tickets on sale now on line www.pinesparty.com . This is your last chance to take advantage of your FIPPOA membership discount for the party tickets, you must order by June 30. Dancing on the Bay at Ken Zarilli and Josh McKinney is Sunday, July 3 and the invasion in the harbor is Monday, July 4. Howard Dean at Brandon Fradd’s beautiful bayfront house is Saturday, July 9 at noon. Join Brandon as he welcomes the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Remember, Dean is the only Presidential candidate in history to have ever come to the Pines, and this is his third exciting visit! DANCERS RESPONDING TO AIDS is scheduled for the weekend of July 15, but more of that in the next column.

Welcome back from Columbia Richard Winger. Andre Treivas was being Michael Lucas this past weekend as he was enjoying all the accolades of being the producer and director and star of the most successful film of his career, DANGEROUS LIAISONS. The reviews are incredible and it hosts the best star studded cast ever! Richard and Andre, you happen to remain one of the handsomest couples in The Pines!
Up for re-election is Jay Demousy, Marilyn Levin’s son, for Fire commissioner. Be sure to vote on Tuesday, July 12 at the fire house. Thank goodness for the election for we’ll be able to welcome home Clern and Carole LaFountaine, Nicky promises they’ll be home for the election. Have you seen how big Mallory Donahue is getting, he’s growing faster than Toby and Aidan.

It’s pride weekend, let’s be proud and celebrate in The Pines. Eric von Kuersteiner invites you to the Blue Whale for dinner and Candice Cayne on Friday night. The Pavilion is a glow all weekend long with Robin Byrd’s bulge contest every Thursday and Larry Bullock’s special Broadway night every Monday. Daniel Nardicio’s Friday Pavilion party is a definite must! Robin tells me that she will invite all the Bulge winners back in September to compete for MISTER BULGE 2005! So if you want to compete in September, you have all of July and August to enter your bulge. Sunday nights are family nights at the Pavilion, come dance with your neighbors and friends, this is the one night you are welcome to dance with your neighbor’s boyfriend! Come see Porsche at Sapin on Saturday night and have you tasted those potato pancakes at the Bistro?
This Saturday night, we’re taking a field trip to the Grove with David Ratcliffe, Garry Korr, Don Vanderhoef and Jim Vandernoth to see Jacqueline Jonée’s A DATE WITH LIBERACE. We may be dueling columnists but she wins hands down on stage!

Have a great Pride weekend, Be Proud in the Pines!