Kismet Kapers
Volume 49, Issue 4
By Bradlee White

I join with all of Kismet in mourning the sudden and tragic passing of Dia Manzo at 18 months of age. Though she had a congenital heart condition, there was no expectation of an immediate problem. Many Kismet residents joined the large crowd of sympathizers at last Sunday’s memorial in Maspeth. Our condolences go out to her parents Pam and Tony and her brother Jack.

With the number of children increasing exponentially, they are becoming more a part of all of our lives. Even Dorothea was seen pushing a baby carriage (Jacque’s grandchild) by the Sea. Terry’s is a favorite stopover for neighbor Henry who reports on his week. He’s learning to throw Mardi Gras beads in the trees with her – "In New Orleans they say ‘Let the Good Times Roll’" is what they say she told him….Dave & Krysia seen taking two of their girls for a sail last Sunday…Big congratulations to Jason Kahler who just graduated from high school with three scholarship awards (Rotary, Woodhull and the Barbara DeWolf Achievement Award and to Mallory Wood, a Woodhull fourth grader, who won the Conrad and Muriel Wiroftek Scholarship award given to one student in the fourth, fifth or sixth grades each year based on achievement throughout the student’s career… Sammy Wood’s Long Island Volleyball team just got a bid to the Jr. Olympics in KY in July. The Woods traveled all over the country with the team this winter…Last Oak’s Anna was the center of a traffic jam Sunday as she walked her puppy Lily home – the seven-week old Lab is the cutest ball of fuzz! Anna earned great kudos last year when she found a boogie board, posted its loss and reunited it with its owner.

One of the drawbacks of ordering stuff is that nowadays, even local companies seem to base their order takers in Wichita or New Delhi or somewhere where they don’t have boats or even much water – they just don’t get the idea of ferry transshipment. Delores Dabe’s rug from Penney’s got sent – via USPS – to just "Delores." It ended up at the Market, of course, where Paul and 10 other people notified Dolores S. My Verizon package came to the freight house with only my phone number. Don’t know how Don and his guys manage to get everything to everybody…something about the freight got the guys in Xanadu muttering to themselves – "I think they’re ready for Shark Manor," Judy confided to Dorothea.

I missed the annual Inn-Out softball game this year – (just finished the column when the house painters arrived) – The rugged Inn hunks again won – 20-5 against the Out’s foreign student workers who aren’t quite familiar with American ball games– it’s all great fun though – then everyone runs to meet the freight boat…Jewelry Jen and Aaron visiting at Wimbledon for a week…Ben and Sandy M. came over for dinner last Friday…Brett Whooley of All For You (formerly Peaches) honing up his pogo stick skills. Brett’s dad Tom says he got the house for his kids (seen in last week’s column photo)…Terry Dahl entertaining 15 fellow alumni from St. Agnes Academic high school - the reunion was to continue with Mass and lunch at the Millerage Inn Sunday…Lynn Clement set up an "Empty the Attic Sale" Sunday – with toys, books and sports equipment –"representing the phases of the kids’ lives" that will continue this weekend – depending on the boys’ schedules (twins Nicholas and Chris – Nick’s the tallest). Neighbor Christine H. found a delightful stuffed starfish while Laura scored three serving platters….Grace W. was helping Judy, Kiley and Taryn haul huge duffels to the boat basin for the Phelan’s trip to Bermuda which was starting with a boat ride to Captree to pick up the car…some Piping Plovers have actually hatched nearby, though the little guy we saw on the beach Sunday looked too young to be on his own. The patrolling ranger we notified called the sighting in but was told not to try to capture the little guy – traffic’s stopped all around the nesting sights, but once they’re born, they’re on their own I guess.


Dockside Dining

Looks like dockside dining will come to Kismet after all – the pizza ovens arrived last week and Sal confirmed that Pizza by the Sea will open soon. Sal, who’s been cooking for Bulkhead friends for three years, took this on because "it’s such a beautiful place to cook," and, as I was standing at the westerly door feeling the cool breeze and watching the lighthouse, I could really understand that. He’ll feature heroes and pizza and "Boston Baked Crabs" – originated in Fire Island. The tray I took home sure passed the Avalon taste test – healthy too, mostly crab meat with a tomato-cheese topping.


This is the big weekend with lots of events! Start with the Pine Walk Fair in downtown Fair Harbor Saturday from 11 a.m. In Kismet, everyone is invited to the Firehouse at 4:30 Saturday for a special 40th anniversary celebration honoring Jean Wood’s role in organizing and guiding the Kismet July 4th Parade. There’ll be a Kismet movie and lots of old photos…The annual East Lighthouse Block Party is a go Saturday – eat, drink and dance to the Fugitives Rock band – 6ish to whenever. Anybody interested in joining the current 12 sponsors, contact Elliot at the Palace…Sunday begins with the big Parade – Fire Department bands and children’s’ floats. Check out the poster at the Market for details The parade kicks off at 11:00 am from the pump house on Burma (Oak & East Lighthouse). Come early to sign in for prizes. Get your picture taken with a bald eagle. After the Parade winds up downtown, there’ll be a barbeque prepared and served by Kismet Fire Fighters. They’ll be selling raffle tickets for the annual "Wagon of Cheer". The Fire Dept. Auxiliary is also selling raffle tickets on a block by block basis and at the barbeque. KLAW will unveil its 2005 T-shirt featuring a drawing by Terry Dahl and three styles to choose from.