Around The Park
Volume 49, Issue 7
By Joyce Peters


HOLLYWOOD—The theme of last Saturday’s fire department fundraiser was an extravaganza, Flashlights strobed the sky, stars and escorts walked the velvet-roped red carpet with papparazzi snapping away, but alas no Joan Rivers. There were cutouts of Marilyn Monroe, W.C Fields, Humphrey Bogart and more along with real life stars of “

The Golden Years”. A full cast of “Fiddler on the Roof,” including Uncle Vanya (the Koenigs, the Arcadipanes. Marty Juvelier and Carmen Vazquez), the OZ cast – Bonnie an adorable Dorothy, Jordan the straw man, Pablo the tin man, Mitch the lion followed by munchkins and witches (Erricos & Cohens) …Mary Anne & Jim were Mr. & Mrs. First -Nighters, Tom Byrnes, a hilarious Bloody Mary… Jeannie Lynch was Scarlet and came with her Mammy… Peter Vogel as Sidney Greenstreet or Peter Lorre— take your pick…Janice Mc Bride was King Kong, Diane Sweeney and Kenny Klein a sexy Tarzan and Jane, Fran Haselkorn another Jane with a Cheetah… Lillian Laikind a perky white rabbit from “ Alice in Wonderland”, Robbie Harris (Ann Miller) wore Wayne Gardner’s tails and danced the night away… Barbara Placilla a fruited Carmen Miranda …Helen Nielsen a svelte Ginger Rogers…Law & Order was represented: Ric Anderson (AKA) Al Capone, Denise his moll, and George Greenberger (AKA) Marshall Dillon…Debbie Olive looked every bit as “Holly—Go’ Lightly” .. AND The Beat Went On And On…


FAMILY REUNIONS—”Ole Home Week” for the Grimm’s and Dickeys. All grown up but still children at heart when Allison, Eugene & Ian Dickey get together with Chris and Ellen Grimm. Those little terrors of Huron Street now have little terrors of their own. .Mandy Pollack, David Mastny and Iris are in residence at the Bendov House and Iris was delighted to visit the Hunts to play with Tallulah and Twyler (Greg and Robin’s little ones).

CANDLES T—Zoë Snyder & Lily Polatchek (7/22), Patsy Polatchek & Bernie Slobotkin (7/24), Helen Driscol (7/26), Clem Lagerman (7/27), Nancy Kiatzko (7/28) and to Joan & Steve Rubinstein on their 35th anniversary …Did you know that Carmen Vazquez celebrates (and get gifts) on two birthdays? 3/30, the actual day she was born in the Dominican Republic and 7/16, the day her parents registered her birth in the capital.


ANOTHER REMEMBER WHEN—This from a reader. “Remember when Carl Marzani and his fellow travelers gave Ocean Bay Park the reputation that it contained a communist cell and people joked that as you leave Seaview, you make a sharp turn to the left to enter OBP.”