Barefoot and Wagons
Volume 49, Issue 7
By Sandy Drawers


This is the News’ annual beach reading issue. Frankly, reading on the beach is a nuisance. The wind turns the pages and kicks up sand and water inevitably moistens the papers. That’s why I’ve taken to downloading audio books from iTunes and plugging my ears while I sun soak. (No I wasn’t ignoring you darling! I couldn’t hear you!) In fact I’m “reading” War and Peace now. It’s only 60 hours.


Did you partake in any of the Golden Wagon Film Festival’s many events this past weekend? Sue Panzer, Greg Pace, Matt Morano and many others worked incredibly hard. And it was fabulous! David Duchovony’s message on video about growing up in Ocean Beach was sweet. (Remember the ballfield being a sandpit? Of course Dave! My calves are still stinging!) The taste of Ocean Beach Saturday night contrary to many snickers of “What are they grilling deer? or “tastes like mosquitoes with a sand topping? was delicious. Many of the restaurants, from newcomer Breeze to Island Mermaid and Maguires, served up delectable dishes. Heck, if your children wanted pizza, even Town Pizza was there serving pies!

The lastest Board of Trustees public meeting last Saturday morning was worrisome. Looking for the official word on why my grandkids couldn’t swim in the bay beach all week, I was very curious when a neighbor stood up to inquire what the Mayor knew. Mayor Rogers said she “heard” that more south bay beaches were closed and that the culprit was either North Shore waste or/and dirty seaweed. Heard? Hummm...The truth is nobody knows yet and only the bay beach here was closed. David Crohn wrote the article here in the last issue. Guess she doesn’t read us...

The Synagogue’s latest lecture series with Dr. Nancy Levine, “Self, Soul and Salvation” was a lively discussion comparing Buddhism and Judaism. If you ever wondered how your Rabbi would define Karma, don’t miss it.



Saturday, July 23, 10:30 a.m.: The Ocean Beach Association’s Annual Membership Meeting. Ocean Beach directories will be given out to paid members. Trustees will discuss the state of the village, checks will be presented to EMS and the O.B. Fire Department, and the annual service award will be given out to its recipient. In addition, plans for the August Chill Out will be discussed.

Bring the kids to a Sing-A-Long children’s concert with the renowned “Simply Suzie” Imagination Workshop Band. Kids ages 10 and under are invited to participate on Saturday, July 23, from 5:30–6:30 p.m. at the gazebo. The event is free, so bring everyone for a music-filled fun time!

Saturday, July 23: Enjoy Fire Island MTV-style! The O.B. Community Fund presents Battle of the Bands at 8 p.m. at the ferry dock.

As part of the Sunset Thursday Concert Series, the Ribitones will be playing on Thursday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the gazebo.

Have a great week!