Kismet Kapers
Volume 49, Issue 7
By Bradlee White


A glorious Friday was followed by another weekend of watery fog and mist, clammy sheets and fuzzy hair. The Flower Ladies faced heat stroke as they sold artfully arranged bouquets sponsored by Island Beach Realty. It was Janine’s last evening —she’s off for CA but she’ll visit. Grace and Casey—Flower Ladies-In-Training?—took the cart out again Saturday—bought a second one for Cartoon Alley’s 6ish.


After a heartrending bout of adult-type decision-making, Mallory W. decided not to join Sam and Amy to watch Sammy’s Jr. Olympics Volley Ball team in KY (which beat the sixth place team in the nation). Under the watchful eyes of Aunt Grace and the Phelans, Mallory hit the winning run for her Williamsport softball team to clinch the District 34 championship 3-2. Displaying alternative sports interests, Chris and Nicolas M. sought out the cheerleaders’ autographs after Lynn took them to a stadium football game.


Ken and Laurie B. capped off a week’s vacation with birthday celebrations for Laurie and daughter, Anna Marie, with a cake baked by ‘Cooking Cousins’ Maggie Hartmann and Susana Medeiros (you’ve seen their flyers.) “It was attractive, tasty and delivered right on time,” Ken said. Mama Hartmann says the girls are taking their business quite seriously. Jean Mc. hosted an afternoon party for Laurie Saturday and another for Anna Marie Sunday, attended by Jeff & Marguerite, Helene, Linda, Fernando, Aunt Marge, Xanadu’s Joyce Ann and Diane, Jeannie, Catherine B. and kid pals Nicholas and Victoria.


The Art Crawl was again a wonder. There were some sales, but “that’s not really the point,” explained Bill Poindexter, guiding spirit and organizer of the event. Several of the artists are also represented at the current Lighthouse exhibition. Dorothea led a tour, though many people came and went on their own. Madagascar was a prominent subject for both Ann Littlejohn and Caroline Stern. Ann explained her collection of Lemurs to Rebecca and Emma Hartmann in the context of the movie—”except in real life they’re really sweet animals.” There were also prints of a Galapagos seal and a polar bear published in “Science at the Zoo” and soon to appear in China. After participating in last summer’s show, Terri Dahl really got into painting again. Discovering a wonderful giclee print process, she made copies of her classic works, “Bed on the Beach” and “Carl’s Cat Café” —everyone said it really captures Carl. Terri also designed the KLAW T-shirts this year. Bob Negrin exhibited classic beach and bicycle themes on the roof deck of Blue View Terrace. Neighbors MaryJo Tobias, her twin daughters Chelsea and Olivia and friend Caroline especially loved the paintings framed by faux wooden window frames. Bob’s son David was there, as always to help set up the wire fencing. “It keeps the deer from falling off if they’ve had too much to drink,” Bob explained. After attending last years’ show, photographer Caroline Durso compiled some of her work to exhibit on Greg’s rooftop deck. (Alice Shultz—not Schwartz—commented that these folks ought to install escalators.) A multi-colored abstract turned out to be rocks on the Burma Road. An artist sees beauty that others heedlessly pass by. It’s always a pleasure to visit Bill’s home where even the carved wooden window valences and remodeled shower are done artfully. There were colorful fish and parrots and also a new format—simple bold lines against colorful backgrounds. People liked them so he’s planning more for an upcoming show. Caroline Stern’s home is even more a work—or many works—of art, from the carved masks to the sea-themed guest quarters (done by friend Cati LaPorte) to the Mongolian Gur. There were wild animal portraits and abstract photos of water patterns on sand printed on water color paper. Caroline, who does fund raisers for endangered species, included a close-up of a Kismet frog—gradually being seen again after many years absence (many say frogs are humanity’s ‘canary in the mine’ for pollution). She also exhibited seascapes by Cati and Buddhist themed paintings by friend Zoran. Lynda Engstrom, known for watercolors and oils of Kismet and Saltaire, did a separate showing—put together at the last minute when Joe volunteered the Barbosa Barn House as a venue. Although not part of the official tour, her enthusiastic supporters, Joe and Michigan-born Micha Roberts, drew viewers in with prolific posters and word of mouth to view her Christo Gates renditions and sherbet-summery beach scenes.


The tie-dye operation at Cartoon Alley’s Sixish soon attracted a fascinated crowd. It was a grand time altogether, with tons of food, beer and punch consumed. There was cake too, for Gina’s birthday. There were so many people there I couldn’t begin to name names. The back deck was both gallery and dance floor, with Sandy as bartender and Andrea in charge of music (she downloaded six hours. of music to her MP3 and played it through her laptop to four speakers around the deck. As the evening progressed, a romantic fog settled in (dry ice in a cooler, not the weather—apparently a good mosquito repellant too). Joining Myrna and Phil in producing this great bash were Myrna’s brother Ivan and friend Kathy, Peter, George, Gina, Anthony and Rich.


Nick and Nicoletta made a fabulous feast for Terry, Greg, Rob, Megan, Marika, Rachael, Phillip, Kelly & Phil from Nick’s 40 pound. stripped bass… Kismet’s Book Club —Robin, Fran, Nancy, Roz, Arlene, Mosse, Jay Offen (the token male after Arthur G. fled), Debbie and daughter Kerrie, Joann, Linda and Marty—met at eight is Enough… Camelot’s Susan scored a great cabinet at the Saltaire Bazarre —now to get it home…The Cuban band, Ola Fresca (Fresh Wind), imported by Caroline S. was great, playing at the Out and the Inn, inspiring spirited dancing—even Skee and Barbara took the floor… Lynda Curnyn looking forward to the News interview on her new book “Killer Summer”… Jon M. and Catherine Mc. getting new decks…Helen Q. recuperating from excruciating oral surgery while Skee and Joe B. overheard comparing their recent rotator cuff surgeries and other sports related injuries—”Can I see yours?”...