Volume 49, Issue 8
Poison Ivy Killer an Organic Wonder
Poison Ivy ranks alongside Enterococci and distant relatives who won’t give up your couch as some of Fire Island’s peskiest pests. When buying a house, PI eradication is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to maximizing your home’s overall hospitality. We spoke with David Burrell, a master assassin whose Islip Terrace-based company Poison Ivy Patrol offers an effective, environmentally friendly way to keep that three-leaved nasty off your beach property. And the ivy is in bloom until fall, so there’s no time like the present.

OBP House Restored
“My dream has always been to have a beach house,” said Larry Theodore with an adoring glance around his newly purchased and renovated house in Ocean Bay Park . Many Fire Island homeowners would agree with Theodore, but Larry and his wife, Pat, showed a unique level of dedication when restoring their newly bought house last year. When the Theodores started looking for a house on Fire Island in 2004, they had never been to the island before, despite the fact that they live in nearby Bethpage . The Theodores were therefore largely unaware of the issues potential buyers face on the island. When they purchased the house in February, 2004, after one visit, they were excited, but were not sure if they should be wary of the fact that the house was beachfront.

Cherry Grove's Mod House of Orange
Some homes are famous for the people who live in them, others for their landscaping and there are those that have gained notoriety for design.  Out of all the homes into which I’ve been in the Grove, the House of Orange is perhaps one of the most intriguingly and boldly designed residences I’ve seen.  It is clean, pristine, expansive, with nothing out of place and not a grain of sand on the spotless white-tiled floors.  Oh, and yes, the house is amazingly orange inside. Grove resident Paul Jablonsky remarked, “If you would have told me that you were going to paint the inside walls bright orange, I would have thought how horrible, but it really works.” Friend and artist Susan Ann Thornton invited me to tag along for a tour of the house.  Upon entry, you are in a sprawling, high-ceilinged living room that takes up most of the first floor.  Every wall is orange.  Accents and architectural details are done with white molding, while white latticework covers the ceiling to hide the rafters.

Feng Shui: where Eastern Philosophy Meets Interior Design
Have an aching back? Or sleeplessness? The answer could lie in the location of your bed. Those beams overhead could be blocking your chi, according to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. In its shortest term of understanding Feng Shui creates a balance between the individual and the space they occupy. Be it a home, office or desk. Jacqueline (Jacqui) Birns, an interior designer and Feng Shui consultant with JMB Designs in NYC and Ocean Beach, considers all aspects of a client’s life when redesigning their space. “When you spend time in a space, that space gathers your energy—your chi. Chi is the life force within the space, so what I do is create a balance and harmonious atmosphere so that you can feel less stress, be comfortable and attract others to feel the positive flow of energy in your space,” said Jacqui.

Dunewood’s Evolution: From Cookie Cutter Community to Singular Getaway
And anyone who’s been to Dunewood can appreciate its unique character: with its bucolic appeal and just enough activity to keep you busy during the summer, it is both characteristic of Fire Island and unlike any of the other 17 communities island wide. That’s due in no small measure to its sui generis pedigree. Dunewood is the only planned community on the island, the result of Murray Barbash’s tenacious effort and percipient vision, without which the community might still be a refuse dump used by Fair Harbor to the east.

Foggy Future for Legendary Home
White paint peels off the cedar shingles, flowered curtains still blow in the breeze through cracked widows and magazines from the 80s lay about the dusty coffee table. This is the once glorious Carrington property in the Pines, six now overgrown acres from midway to ocean with the 96-year-old, two-story beach cottage that resides on it. The house has fallen from grace, abandoned and in disrepair. Left as a ward of the Fire Island National Seashore (FINS), the Carrington house and its surrounding property have fallen to the wayside.

Real Estate: The Real Talk of the Town
The real estate market on Fire Island is hot, hot, hot. The reasons are as plentiful as the market’s offers. “Sales are through the roof because the values are going up,” said Island Properties of the Pines proprietor Jon Wilner. Island Properties is not the only broker having a successful season. The general consensus island-wide is that Fire Island real estate is booming for the third year in a row. Although each community is as different as can be, the trends are undeniable. There has been a surge in purchases as opposed to long-term rentals, while each agency reports an increase in short term, weekly and bi-weekly rentals.


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