Barefoot & Wagons
Volume 49, Issue 9
By Sandy Drawers

Thanks Abby for filling in while I was camping in Death Valley to escape the heat of Ocean Beach. I see you’ve stirred up a bit of controversy— nothing a bit of spackle couldn’t fix! I flew back for the Community Fund’s festivities. And what a ball we had! Hundreds of Ocean Beachers, as well as neighboring towns came to join in the buried treasure theme. There was a beautiful mermaid lounging in a shell, a pirate on stilts and sexy female pirates rallying on the dance floor. Over $70K in booty was raised.


Move Over Susan Powers

Roseanne DeAngelis teaches Pilates and Tai Chi at the Spa. Her classes are small and intense—so for those who want to get in shape for their bikinis (its not too late)—join this woman while she’s in our small town. She has a unique power Pilates that is non-competitive and isolates just where you need it. I felt taller leaving!


What’s in the Stars

If you’re wondering why you aren’t meeting that special someone–get off that bar stool and come to Rachel’s on Monday night.

Connie’s tarot cards told me that I see motherhood as martyrdom (and it’s not?) among other “What are you pretending not to know?” insights.

Every Monday evening at Rachel’s from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Venice on the Beach

Have you heard the rumor of the idea of turning the village green into a piazza? I think it’s a fabulous idea! Right now, the green looks like a jumbled mix of different landscapers’ schemes (wait, it is!) with no overall design. When it gets crowded on a Saturday night, the sidewalks become impassable. There are not enough benches, so people end up sitting everywhere, dripping isecream and trying to avoid the missteps of drunks.

Dave Zirin, author of “What’s My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in America” signed books at his house in Seaview. He’s in town from Maryland to visit his mom Jane. Hopefully his wife and child enjoyed the sunny weather and folks were able to chat with the author.


Rumor has it...

Talk around town is that during the brief blackout last week children where pilfering from the Sweet Shoppe and Klines. Now folks, teach your children well. This is not the first time that the issue of thieving has come up—its wrong. And damn frustrating for our businesses.