Kismet Kapers
Volume 49, Issue 9
By Bradlee White

August–the time of day trippers, weekend guests, weekly rentals, kamikaze bicyclers, hot soupy weather and lots of parties. The Yellow House, in a long-standing tradition, staged a party that spanned 6ish to wheneverish. Mary Beth, Claire, Sue, Mary, Nancy, Allison, Dawn, Mark, Shaggy, Ernie, John, Jimmy and Joe honored two retirees at the fiesta: Mark, from the Police Force and Betsy from the NYC rat race. She sold everything and moved to Mexico. Visiting briefly, she brought her new dog Groucho Marx and neon colored, fluffy bottomed beer cozies for the house. Later everyone danced to the varied rhythms of the Jimbo Norman band at the Inn. I remember talking to Jeffrey & Daniel Manian when I heard them practicing at Abbey Road seven or eight years ago– glad to see it paid off.


A Good Howl

Kismet was howling last weekend too. Jimmy S. celebrated his birthday at Tequila Jacks Saturday afternoon with Joanie and good friends Lauren, Myrna, Andy, Bobby & Mary, Dusty & Mike, Debra, Billy D’, Joe & Joan Mc., Joebeck, Uncle Phil and oldest friend Adam in from CO. The party continued in Kismet even when Jimmy ducked out to Xanadu’s 6ish. Judy, Mickey, Joyce, Marsha & Piney also welcomed Dorothea, Myrna, Joseph & Shirley, Lois, two Jeannies, LH Tom & Marilyn & Joanie.

The White House celebrated Donna’s birthday, singing “Oogy, Oogy, Oogy” with their karaoke into the night. Sunday wasn’t bad either. Dorothea hosted Myrna, Phil, Peter, Lauren, Jane M., Jimmy & Joanie & Adam at a 7ish.

“The Rocky Horror Show” brought a most enthusiastic crowd to the firehouse. Chris J. had all the props but the rubber gloves. Michele brought an umbrella– oops, it’s newspaper. Almost everyone had rice and toilet paper. Jeannie L. looked fabulous in black bustier and boa. With “just a jump to the left, a jump to the right,” Michelle, Jeannie, Sandy W, and Joe Mc. did the Time Warp again.

Flower sponsors the last two weeks included Art Weinstein and The Out. Every bouquet last week included a pink carnation and a pink gerber– and each Flower Lady wore the pink ankle bracelets made by a breast cancer survivor that Steve E. brought them. All proceeds went to the West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition. Again the Ladies exchanged gifts including snacks from Lynn and flower-tipped pens from Marcia. Speaking of gifting, Stephanie L., just returned from a fabulous trip to Delphi, Acra and the northern triangle of India and brought little jeweled elephants to the Cat Ladies Anne, Carole, Jeannie, Helen and I.


Kismet Fairytale Wedding

Liz and Josh actually met on the ferry to Ocean Bay Park, but she always came to relax with Aunt Elaine and Uncle Bruce in Kismet. Bruce & Elaine, Nancy & Arthur, Peter & Michelle and Phyllis & Charlie joined family and friends for a ferry boat wedding with a huge reception at the Out – and I thought those tents were for the Clam Shucking… Bill P.’s annual outing for his Manhattan church group drew a large crowd which included a Japanese ballet group that brought mouth-watering hors d’oeurves… Terry C. entertained Mike & Carol Doyle (formerly of Kismet) and kids Johnny & Kate and then, the next weekend, “everybody she’s ever known in her life,” – the aunts, cousins and grade school friends… Alyson B. just returned from Italy where she spent a week at a painting workshop in Como and a week visiting friends and sightseeing around Bologna… Kismet lifeguard Sean Drum swam to victory in the Maggie Fisher Memorial Cross-Bay Swim while past winner Bryan Krut placed third... .Lunar Luv Bug’s Sean was shopping for a present for his new baby sister Emma Kate… CA’s Andy celebrating his birthday with sister Karen, her husband Bob, daughters Jillian, Emily and friend Amy at the Out when the lights went out… Quite a few folks noticed the dead black bird by the tennis courts Jeannie called Vector Control, which didn’t respond, and FINS, which did. Turned out to be Grecko, not a crow, and thus not a West Nile carrier.

A lot of Kismetians ventured east Saturday for the Saltaire Arts & Crafts Fair. A record number of vendors included Kismet photographers Ann Littlejohn and Caroline Stern in “National Geographic Corner,” Captain Ed Mooney with his new book, Ferries to Fire Island, and the KLAW ladies. Spotted shopping, the Licaris– Cheryl alone, Casey with her pals Grace Wood, Meredith Chinkel & Megan Nardone and Nick with his buddies. Also, Jill S., Darryl & Boots, Leslie & David S., Leslie S., Sandy Whitney, Kirk & Ellen, Megan, Marilyn with Burt.

Taking a page from their elders, Henry, his little sister Katie along with neighbors Eric and Molly staged an art show (arts and crafts actually) at Fair Dinkum… Malloy W.’s softball team went all the way to the finals for the Long Island Championship before placing second. There were lots of tears, but a pool party after made things better. Warren’s throwing a lunch party at the Out for them at the end of August… David Swiedler, Noah Roth and Ellie Shnayer are Counselors/CITs at Saltaire camp while Kismet campers include Philip Roth, Jack Manzo, Ilyssa Schneidman and Emily Scholler...



Arthur Lem Snapper Derby for kids –Wednesday, August 24, 10 a.m., sign up at the Market. Call the Out, 583-7400 for more info... Two chances to bet the duck races: FI Rotary’s Duck Race is scheduled for August 20 in OB while Kismet’s FD Auxiliary is planning one for the 21… Three weeks til Labor Day but who’s counting, except maybe Claire and Paul and the year-rounders and…

An urgent reminder to all Kismet visitors: If you brought a pet with you, be sure he leaves with you. It’s summer now and the living is easy, even for our homeless friends, but winters are brutal.

This is the second to last paper. Remember we are bi-weekly!