Around the Park
By Joyce Peters

WHAT HAPPENED—The Gurian/Gardner Over/Under Classic played on Saturday, August 12, with Fred Newman as the oldest “Over” and Chris Beermann Jr. as the youngest “Under.” See separate story in this issue...That evening, Carmen Vazquez and Marty Juvelier hosted a wine tasting and paella party on their flower-bedecked patio. A delicate sparkling brut Cava introduced the evening followed by five complex whites and reds imported from Spanish wine-growing regions—all received high marks from their wine connoisseur tasters. Marty’s delicious paella topped off the evening...“Watch That Basket” invited friends to a mammoth carnivorous banquet of sausages, chicken, lamb, steak, pork, hamburgers and hot dogs with numerous sides. Ed Gans, resplendent in a white chef’s hat, BBQed the feast while housemates acted as sous chefs, servers and bartenders to keep 200 guests sated. A memorable evening—good friends, good food with yet another magnificent sunset…On Sunday, August 13, official auditors Bob Errico and Oona Sullivan tabulated results for the pending sale of the Ocean Bay Park Water Company to Suffolk County Water. The final count was 1,450 for, 0 against. The sale becomes effective after Suffolk County Legislature approval—lower rates in 2007…On Saturday, August 19, Jackie, MaryAnne and Kathryn of the Escape Hatch hosted a surprise cocktail party in honor of newlyweds Sue Gallo and Tom Taylor’s marriage on Saturday, August 12, complete with champagne and a wedding cake...The Paladino Deck was the venue for a baby shower for Danielle on Sunday, August 20…Danielle, expecting mid September, never looked lovelier…The Gourmet Fair, a tribute to Lillian Laikind’s tenacity, was a smashing success. As usual, a lovely community happening.

CANDLES TO—Julia and William Arcadipane (wed 39 years on 8/26), Nicole Schaffer (8/26), Tyler Gurian and Frank Thieroff (8/28), Ed Micallef and Vinnie Ficara (8/29), Bailey Kaufman (8/30), Eileen Slobotkin (8/31), Janis Hirsch and Richard Annicharico (9/2), Nonda Rubinstein (9/4), Louis Solish (9/8), Harry Falowski (9/11), Lisa Kaufman (9/16), Wally Butler (9/24) and to all winter birthday babies.

IT’S HAPPENING—Brooke Trent participating in “The Komen Race for The Cure” on September 10 in honor of Janis Hirsch. If you want to join in as a sponsor, Brooke’s number is 583-7411…Wally Lobo joined Ric Anderson and Frank Thieroff on the DL – he tore up a few tendons, so no tennis for now…Susan Lipman and Lewis Solish in-residence in their new home and couldn’t be happier…Sue Capozzi captivating Ben Mandel…Family reunions: Pat and Allen Dennis and Ronnie, Beth, Julian
and Charlie Dennis (now of Seattle) staying with Emily (nee Dennis) and Mike Elliot for Josh and Sadie’s first birthday party… The Pollack reunion, a summer-long affair with Jeannine Pollack, Amy, Matt, Bella and David Kemp (London) and Amanda, David Mastny and Iris in residence at the family compound, Rosebud. Paula and John Mastny (Minnesota), and other close friends are arriving for Amanda and David’s wedding this Sunday.

IT WILL HAPPEN—On Saturday, September 2, at 11 a.m. you have your choice of the ever popular Ocean Bay Park/Seaview Homeowners game at the Seaview’s Newman Field or the Annual Volleyball Tournament at H Street. The Annual Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament kicks off on Monday, September 4 at 11 a.m. at Ocean Bay Park Tennis. Free admission and spectators welcome at all events…Nonda and Jeff Rubenstein‘s Art Show for Jordan Barnes, Donald Mulligan and Jane Volpe takes place at their home (16 Cayuga) between 1 to 6 p.m. on Saturday 9/9…The Ocean Bay Park Volunteer Fire Department invited charter members, past presidents and current auxillary members to a brunch in honor of the auxiliary’s 40th anniversary…Good weather, good fishing for “The Little Season”…Rosh Hashanah 9/23 and 9/24, Yom Kippur 10/2…That’s all folks—Adieu until next season.

‘Over/Under’ Softball Classic Unites Seaviewers

This softball match on the Seaview Ball field brings out the best of players and the best in people. After the players signed in by age it was determined that the magic cut-off number for “The Unders” would be 51.

This year, in good humor they considered weight as a factor but the thought was abandoned when the figures, to nobody’s amazement, disappeared. To even out the playing field trades were made and the fun began with a line-up of children serving as designated base runners for “The Overs.” It was a multigenerational affair, with Chris & Chris Beermann Jr., Joel & Ben Mandel, Matt Chasin and Alan Blank (his father-in law), and Paul Schnell’s Casey, Amanda Justin running bases.


The highlights included two impressive slides: Fred Newman’s into first base and Steve Ingram’s headlong into second base, home runs by Jon Leifert and Brett Notine, the latter clearing not only the bases but the entire runners’ bench. There was seesaw scoring, with “The Overs” up by one run going into the bottom of the 7th, but “The Unders” rallied to win 11-10. Not that anybody really cared. A good time was had by all—players, runners, the sell-out crowd and even the deer that occasionally romped with the outfielders.


Lewis Hershkowitz (Big Geyser) donated over 100 bottles of water, Joel Mandel (Key Foods) donated nifty orange tee-shirts to players and runners and Susan Gurian hosted the post-game party.