Barefoot and Wagons
By Drew Fineberg

The Sandman

While walking down the beach you may have noticed sand sculptures, bigger and more artistic than your run of the mill sandcastle. These mermaids, giant anchors and octopi are the creations of John Ostani. As a frequenter of Ocean Beach for ten years, Ostani has spent seven of those years shaping the sand between tides.

After working for four or five hours on his sand sculptures, Ostani says that he “lets the tide wash them away. We don’t try to save them.” The chosen themes for his sculptures mostly have a nautical background, inspired by Ocean Beach.

With only such tools as spoons, shovels and buckets, Ostani has created works of art in the four to five hour window that the tides provide. So next time you are at the beach keep your eyes out for an alligator or a sea turtle peering up at you, hopefully not from under your feet.

Softball Championship Series

For three weeks fans, friends and family members gathered at the Ocean Beach Ballfield to watch the playoffs and championship games of the Ocean Beach Softball League. The Ocean Beach Softball League was founded by Dave Mendelsohn with veterans Steven Levine, Robert Familant and Noel Berk-Rauch. However the championship series has only existed for two seasons.

Going into the playoffs the Navy Team, led by Robert Familant, was undefeated, the Red Team, led by Joey Covrigaru, was seeded second with the Black Team, led by Shelly Rosenberg third and the Blue Team, led by Marvin Rafeld in fourth place.

The Navy Team won an exciting victory over the Blue Team, securing them a spot in the championships. With explosive hitting, and one man down, the Black Team defeated the Red Team to rival the Navy Team in the championship.

Saturday, August 14, the opening two games of the championship series were played. In the first game the Navy Team triumphed over the Black Team, but the Black Team struck back; winning the second game.

Tied 1-1, the final game was played the next day. It was a heated day (pun intended) when the Navy Team played the Black Team for the title of Ocean Beach Softball Champions, and most importantly a year of bragging rights.

The Black Team played skillfully with Scott Sandler and Erik Lief’s flawless performance at shortstop and third base, Shelly Rosenberg’s on point pitching, and explosive nonstop homeruns by Eric Samulski.

Familant’s aggressive pitching, resulting in three strikeouts, and well placed hitting by veterans Josh Bloom, Dave Mendelsohn, and Robert Friedman was just enough to overcome the Black Team. The final score was 9-7, Navy.

A New Arrival

Christina Quinn Moss and Christopher Alt, both architects, welcomed a little beach baby, Harper Quinn Alt, born on December 30, 2005. They spent a wonderful time in Robbins Rest, where Christina grew up. She attended school on Fire Island.

Congrats to Rachel Hale, newly married in Nepal.

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