Kismet Kapers
By Bradlee White

Reveling in these perfect August days, it’s easy to overlook the subtle signs of fall—the Monarchs, the poison ivy yellowing, the deers’ coats changing, the V formations of birds practicing for migration. And with Labor Day only a week away, we have other reminders.

Clam shucking’s over—did you know MC Buddy had to fix the Out’s toilet before the event could begin? The annual Arthur Lem Memorial Snapper Tournament for Kids was held Wednesday. The Plastic Klassic Bob Kaye Memorial tennis tournament, again organized by Joe Barbosa, will bring some pretty exciting viewing LD Saturday and Sunday. Seabay North will host its third annual LD Block Party Saturday, 6-11 p.m. All are welcome. Bill Jenks is on standby alert with generators to ensure non-stop music from the Craven band and DJ Andrea. And, finally, the perennial plea from year-round animal lovers: If you brought a cat to the island, please take him/her home. You’ll both have a better winter.

The annual Kismet House Crawl was again spectacular, though the imaginative costumes and house designs were sometimes hard to appreciate in the wall-to-wall crush of party guests. The Pool House theme, Pirates of the Caribbean, was carried out in intricate detail (as this group—Mary, Marybeth, Sue, Ernie, Sarge, John, Claire, Dawn, Nancy, Jimmy, Allison and Joe—always does).

They were joined by special guests Darryl and Carl (aka Boots) and another pirate posse from Sanctuary—Dennis and pals Joe, Joel, Jack and Sharon. A pirate map on Maple Avenue and tiny pirate flags down Seabay led the way. A skull motif ran all around the pool fence, while a standup Johnny Depp rode a rubber boat topped with a yellow sail made from Mary’s designer bed sheet. Johnny later moved to a more solid boat anchored in a wagon to make the party rounds. The boisterous fun of the parade from the Pool House even attracted Jack and Marge and Russ and Mary Ellen Baker who joined in.

Flattop, (aka Laptop per Joebeck), with Ron and Milja, Mark and Jen, Steve, Buffie, Condo, Mike and Laurie and Pooch Crunchy, held Fiesta, with the sliding door marking the border between America inside where walls sported wanted posters of such nefarious characters as Jeannie “loose lips,” Justin “you want more of this?” and Pete “Mosh Pit” and Mexico outside. Though choosing a cowboy hat over a sombrero, I opted for an outside corner, where I made myself useful handing out Coronas. Rio Queen’s “Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville” hosted by Dominic, Kellie, Janie, Faye, TomTom, Ted, Tammi and Sue, featured leis, a large monkey in a boat, margaritas, torches in the sand, exotic Caribbean posters on the house and rubber beach balls flying though the air. Held out front in the sand, it proved the best venue for the growing crowd with lots of room to mingle. Mike and Alicia Coffee were visiting—their family now includes two sons.

Bananas’ Halloween theme let Mike, Mad Dog Matt, Bobby and Patty, Dan, Billy, Debbie, Gary Lauren and Kim to become a Surgeon, an Indian chief, Indian maiden, a cow, sheriffs and wet T-shirt contestants while serving Ghoul’s punch and blood Jell-O shots against a ghostly backdrop. Brown Sugar’s Joe and Danielle, Mark, Gary, Little Joe, Kelly, Megan, Patty Ann and Debbie offered an Aloha luau with a Tiki hut and grass-skirted dancers. Most appreciated by the partygoers, however, were the hamburgers. At the last stop, Lovers and Other Strangers, Hooters girls Michelle, Yasmina, Jeannine, Marie, Elizabeth, Danielle, Yvonne, Kathryn and Molly and Hooter men PR Pete, Jason, Terrence, Rick and Tom with Gil providing “security” served hundreds of chicken wings, beer and shots. Sirens mid-party signified a medical call on Burma Road that kept Elliot from returning to LAOS. Brian K’s Krawl video was previewed at the Out and Dennis’ stills are available through Kismetrental.com.

Also happening was Jimmy S.’s 40th birthday - a trek to Tequila Jack’s where 25 friends from Kismet and everywhere enjoyed a fine afternoon—”a good party for the best host in town,” said Myrna, whose recent retirement is also cause for celebration. Folks at Concetta and the White House also seemed to have their own party thing going, while Steve, Ryan, Ashley and the baby celebrated Mom Susan’s birthday at Make It So.

Significantly shifting gears, I went to the KFDA Duck Races Sunday. After building a 6x30 foot waterway, Sam and Joe Mc. were advised by techie Mike F. to cut it back to 3x26. The frame, covered by a vinyl-like material, held circulating water with 2 fans propelling the toy ducks. (The second fan was a killer that broke up the trailing pack to sail past my early frontrunner). Frank Boulton, owner of the Long Island Ducks, donated prizes and MC’d the event. Sherri R. explained to a group of kids that their duck bets at $2 cost less than the $5 adult fee “cause adult ducks eat more.” Facing confusion about switching ducks from one race to another, volunteer Chris R. philosophically shrugged, “I don’t know, I just work here.” Bruce Forster won the 50-50, took out the $100 bill he’d dropped and donated the rest back.

Allyson Breier surprised hubby Richard with a three-tiered event for his 55th birthday. The surprise part happened as friends from Kismet and the city lunched at their home. Richard and several friends were seen about Kismet in “Surprise” T-shirts. This was followed by a cocktail hour and dinner at the Inn. Ronnie Zimmerman and Carol were there, in from California. They love it there, have become engaged and will marry in March.

The Jimbo Norman band with Kismetians Daniel and Jeffrey Manian will be playing at the Inn this Saturday night. Goodbye—it’s all off the record ‘til next May.