Barefoot and Wagons
By Sandy Drawers

What a touching Memorial Day service we had last week. It is always wonderful to see and give thanks to the women and men who have given time—and sometimes their lives—to fight for their country, as well as the community and politicians who honor them. I have to say Ira doesn’t have the greatest memory anymore (he is given to watching “Big Love” episodes nightly, not realizing they are re-runs), but he did recall that the Mayor’s speech was almost identical to last year’s. But why change a good thing, I always say.

And it was good to see Policeman Lani Aughenbaugh at the Memorial Day Parade. He is recovering from a car crash this winter, with help from his loving wife. Good also to see ever-elegant, long-time resident Dorothy around town enjoying the sun and chatting with local business owners.

The reality folks began filming in earnest this past week. You can’t go down to the village green without fear of being filmed. I now feel like I’m in the Hamptons, having to wear makeup and jewelry just to go to the beach! The eight “stars” came out June 1 and already have been filmed at Maguire’s, Albatross, Island Mermaid, Eternal Spa and Shop Girls. Rumor has it that they sometimes invite like-minded folks back to their place to party—so all you wanna-be actors…

We heard even one of the female cast members was at the Albatross this weekend talking up a lingerie party to go down Friday back at the cast house. What kind of special permit does one need for that? But we also heard from the same reliable birdie that this same young cast member (we won’t name names) said she thought reality TV was vapid anyway—she’s just there to promote her new handbag line. Hmmm…we knew this reality show would make for some juicy goings on!

As if you haven’t noticed, Tyler and Jeanne Sterck have taken back the OBT market and are now open for business. Tyler’s grandfather started the market and Clegg’s Hotel in 1946. Look for new items such as an emphasis on to-go foods, with Bob from Bob’s Fire Island Cooking having his hand in preparation. Jeanne left the fashion industry to join Tyler and bring out their three daughters into the biz. It’s certainly a group effort!

Not to forget this winter, seems the Katrina aftermath also included a car casualty. Bob Funk lost his truck in the ocean at the Atlantique cut during the eight-day storm in October. FINS called him over a month later to say it resurfaced near Fair Harbor and he would have to remove it. Funk luckily already “gave it back” to the insurance company, so they were liable. CJ’s has a picture of it in the bar as “Car for sale. Completely washed.”

The interdenominational church on Midway is looking for an organist. They pay—so if you can play, call Shirley at 583-0346. We are also told to look for a used bookstore to open later this summer to raise funds for the church.

I don’t know if you have chosen sides in our heated bayfront condo debate, but it is tricky. I feel like “Save the Sunset” is a bit over the top—since it only affects a few people. However, if it is possibly “illegal” (according to Trustee Wingate, with whom Ira chatted on the street with the other day), village codes need to be updated or else they are rendered meaningless.