Fair Harbor Lights
By Jacqueline Haberfeld and Laura Tichler

This week’s column is a kind of “grab bag” of things that have happened around Fair Harbor during a very quiet and rainy two-week period.

Since this is the wedding issue of The Fire Island News, we’ll lead off with Shelly Tenzer of Oak Walk who, although she hasn’t planned a wedding (yet), reports having found the love of her life, Meyer Shopkow. Meyer sings in Shelly’s chorus in Florida and the two happened to grow up in the same neighborhood in the Bronx. Shelly also reported that she is expecting her 5th great-grandchild!

Speaking of lots of children, the swans who live in the inlet near Fair Harbor and Saltaire have had a busy spring themselves. The two swans and their eight cygnets have been delighting crowds on the dock in Fair Harbor since Memorial Day, where the swan family has been visiting morning and evening in pursuit of food. Swans most like to eat small aquatic creatures and bugs, so maybe this is the disposal method you’ve been searching for. With all those ants that may already be invading your kitchen—invite the swan family over for dinner!

Memorial Day weekend brought the first pancake breakfast of the season at the Fire House. What a great event it was to kick off the FHFD’s 75th year! The weather was spectacular (it felt like July!) the food was delicious (the eggs were particularly good this year), and the mood was spirited. The line of attendees seeking to partake of the FHFD’s famous flapjacks was out the door. The money raised will benefit the FHFD. Almost everyone will eat their share of pancakes for no reason at all, so it almost goes without saying that many residents were happy to get out of their kitchens and down to the bay on a beautiful Sunday morning, all for a good cause.

The most recent weekend at the beach was almost a washout. We say “almost” because even if you weren’t invited, you probably had the pleasure of enjoying the musical stylings of Andrew Goodman’s 30th birthday bash, held last Saturday night. Happy birthday, Andrew! We’re glad that the rain didn’t dampen your celebration. (Ah, 30. We remember it as if it were yesterday…)

Do you ever wake up at 2 a.m. morning dying to know what the barometric pressure is on Pine Walk? Well, thanks to Philip Taylor we now can all benefit from the Fair Harbor Amateur Weather Station (KNYFAIRH1). Just go to http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/ WXDaily History.asp?ID= KNYFAIRH1 and check out the current temperature, wind direction, humidity and so much more!

We’d like to give a warm welcome to the following folks who bought houses in Fair Harbor over the winter. Welcome to Valerie, Bradley, Steven and Ethan Max, who bought a house on Cranberry. (It’s too bad that nobody told the Maxes before they bought this winter about having to look out at the Ufer’s spectacular garden all summer. That’s going to be a real hardship.) Fair Harbor is also now a second home to Linda Rascher and Joseph Schick, who bought on Elm, and Neil Parker and Lauren Stanton, who bought on Broadway. Welcome to the neighborhood!


June 22: Bingo Night at 7 p.m.

July 1: The 34th annual Pine Walk Fair will take place from 11-6. In addition to all the usual goodies, this year’s fair will include a HUGE BOOK SALE. All of the books are new and will be sold at big discounts: 50% off for most books, 40% for signed books and “coffee table” treasures, all other types of books presently on the market will be available.

Don’t forget to send us your news. We are waiting eagerly by our computers. Have a great mid-June! Laura ([email protected]) and Jackie ([email protected]).