Kismet Kapers
By Bradlee White

Goodness, how time flies—our brand new season is already booked with social commitments—starting with the KLAW (Kismet League for Animal Welfare) Flea Market this weekend at the firehouse—there’ll be all sorts of cheap treasures—check it out. For a chance at more upscale items and to support the community, head to the Out on Saturday, June 17 for the KCA Auction. The silent auction goes on all day, with winners announced around 7 p.m. The not-at-all silent auction begins around 8:00 p.m. Dinner is great, but you don’t have to eat to take part in all the fun.

The fire department’s fundraiser, a Night of Comedy (professional comedians, not our homegrown kind), is scheduled for 8-10 p.m. on Saturday, June 24. Tickets are already half sold, so see the McKeehans or Rudy ASAP. It’ll be $20 for advance sales, $25 if there are any left that night. We’ll celebrate July 4 on Sunday the 2nd, with a marching band or two, a children’s costume parade, a FD BBQ, and several fundraising raffles (including the famous Wagon of Cheer).

The second annual pancake breakfast, sponsored by the Fire Deptartment Auxiliary will be Sunday, July 9. July 15 is the date set for the annual Kismet Art Show/Crawl. A number of Kismet artists will open their homes and studios from 11 to 6. Artists interested in participating should call Bill Poindexter, 583-5254, by July 5.

The Fire Department Auxiliary has set July 22 for the Book and Bake Sale and August 6 for the Duck Races. There will be movie nights for kids and adults—schedule TBA. A dance of some sort and another pasta night are in the works. With matching funds from the FD, the Auxiliary bought and installed a great sound system in the community and bay rooms. We now also have a griddle of our own (as opposed to borrowing Saltaire’s). Lots of action for the party set too—keep an eye and ear open for news of Cartoon Alley’s Black and White Party, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the infamous House Crawl.

Wasn’t that a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend? Shades of summer to come as sweltering heat drove us to the beach. Storm windows came down, fans were turned on and heaters tucked away. Shorts and bathing suits replaced sweaters and socks. The tennis players were back in action. Earl Beers dropped in from California looking great—playing with Joe B., Arthur and Nancy, who were back June 1. Even recently- retired Brooklyn Phil headed to the courts, racquet in hand. What a great time we had at the Out Memorial Day Sunday with the Craven band. The sun was shining and, as in days of old, the crowd was allowed to spill outside with their drinks (as long as we didn’t cross the sidewalk). It was a good time to renew old acquaintances and make new ones. Joe beck booked Craven immediately for the Seabay Labor Day Block Party.

The streets were suddenly crowded again—trucks and cars and golf carts and bikes and zillions of children. What with the mud on the roads and on the bikes, I couldn’t stay clean even on a short trip to the Market. Andy is doing great there this year under the full pressure of management. Paul promises a quick stopover to help with the July 4th crush.

Last weekend started with intermittent rain that did not keep swarms of folks from the Scholars Word With Lion reggae band that rocked ‘til all hours. Then it started raining seriously “We don’t come for the weather” is our north Seabay mantra—good thing too since we become isolated from the rest of the world by two great bodies of water. The bay ducks now seem to prefer our inland waters.

The Alley celebrated Andrea’s 40th with a 5ish Saturday. All was sedate until Avalon arrived with the Jell-O shots. Richie K. and friend Michelle, Maureen, Greg, Megan and Luke braved the waters to join Myrna, Phil, Peter, Beth, Anthony, Richie and Sandy from California, Guillermo from Risque and Sunset’s Rick.

Bob Feieberg was the first to report a stolen bike…Bill P. briefly interrupted his attic insulation project to entertain his sister and family en route to Colorado from a visit to Israel... Allison and Richard put in a whole new kitchen, which meant new furniture too (you know how it goes)... Mama Mary at the newly christened Aqua House gave out mini-mini flashlights to help the former Yellow House denizens make their way through “Children of the Corn”... the moats are gone, but there’re still reports of alligators... Russell Mayer dropped in to surprise his mother Betty on her birthday... The new reality series “One Ocean View” or “Summer Share” or whatever, has started filming in Corneille Estates with the production crew ensconced in Ocean Beach... Island trippers: be aware of the new surveillance cameras on the OB docks... Kismet water taxis will leave the dock on the hour and half-hour this year. To beat the OB incoming curfew, you’ll have to be on the 11:30 boat.

Seabay homeowners: If you haven’t signed the paperwork to deed over the sidewalks you don’t own, see Bill Jenks ASAP. Old Mr. Hill was kind of vague about the sidewalks, though he definitely did not give them to us (see your surveys). With the ridges, ruts and holes by me, I couldn’t wait to officially disown them.

If you thought you heard a fire alarm every night for a while but now it’s stopped—you’re not nuts. Our fire alarm, triggered out of Yaphank, must be reset for daylight savings time. This year the noon blast was set for 10:30 p.m. Our Chief, Buddy, finally reset it himself... The fire alarm last Saturday night was a call to the Lighthouse... It was good to see FD members going door to door with BBQ safety posters and red FD phone number stickers.