Barefoot and wagons
By Sandy Drawers


Are you getting ready for the film festival in July? Have you sent out your invites to those friends and family that appreciate independent film? The fundraiser June 13 at Light in midtown was a great success, where over 70 people from Ocean Beach and beyond gave $50 to eat and drink and support the arts. Bravo Greg Pace, Susan Panzer, Matthew Moranno, Ron Fishman, the publisher of this paper, and all the many helpers including Sal and Steve, the fantastic hired coordinators for a job well done. Now onto the ballfield!

Movies start daily June 23. Hopefully they are still working on getting the sound corrected, it doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement from last summer. What? Hmm.

The clothing drive is back Saturday, June 24. Drop off your gently used clothes for distribution to needy Bay Shore folks. Please make sure they are clean, folded and bagged. For more information call George Rehn at 583-0403.

Go Brazil!

No not only in the World Cup (which me and Ira are watching as often as we can—did you see the exciting Brazil-Australia match? ). but as in Rachel’s crew. Joe, Eddie and Raphael are bringing more than just sandwiches now that they took over the Hero Shop. Smoothies and fresh sqeezed juices featuring delicious Brazilian fruits are their specialty as well as an extra-potent Brazilian berry called Acai.

Apparently Acai is devoured on the beaches in Brazil, where it is mixed with granola and is known as a potent energy booster. Order it now in Ocean Beach and maybe we’ll be fitting in to those brazilian bikinis soon.

Let the Sun Shine In

We heard that Nurse Janet LaViolette has installed solar panels at her home and wishes to bring the newest technology to others. (Yes its improved since Carter!) So look for information to come in this paper regarding our very own nurse becoming a resource pioneer. She is also off to France to spend a gloreous week in Paris and then join the Svingos gang for Billy Svingos’ daughter’s wedding in the South of France. Have fun everyone and congratulations to the Svingos family!

Welcome to Our Reality

Ira and me were enjoying the late Sunday afternoon on the beach when a large motor was heard overhead. At first I thought it was a rescue from the ballfield, but I knew I didn’t hear the sirens. Then I noticed the helicopter was Channel 12. Wow, must be doing a news piece about Ocean Beach. But no—all fingers point back to reality. For aerial shots, the helicopter made what seemed like almost two hours of circles overheard. We heard Brett Wolfe lost his cool and went over with an unidentified woman and starting screaming at the crew, “You promised!” And threats were even made. Well, it was annoying to be sure, but remember folks, they are people too. Why not reason with them instead of threatening them? You’re giving us locals a bad name...

From the Publisher:

On a Sad Note

The memorial for Kim Frost last Saturday was a moving affair in which everyone in town, it seemed, came to pay their respects. She was a a woman who just by her smile brightened your day. At the memorial I was especially touched by someone who said she would remember Kim riding on her bike, with a basket filled with flowers. Me too. Later that day, some of Kim’s closest friends were seen walking down Bayberry, flowers in hand, before tossing them into the bay. A fitting tribute to a wonderful woman.

Just the day before her untimely death at age 46, I ran into her as she was tending the flowers in CJ’s window box. I asked her if she wanted to be in the Wedding Issue listed as a resource for her Fire Island Blooms company. She hugged me and said yes and ran in to get a pen to write her business number down. She truly will be sorely missed.