On & Off The Deck
By Jon Wilner

Well here we are, if you can believe it, July 4th week in the Pines. We wait all year for this week. This week is as exciting as Christmas or New Year’s and some of us lucky ones get to spend July 4th and Christmas in the Pines. Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido started the celebrations last Saturday night at their annual Margaritas from Hell party. 18 gallons of Gran Centanaro tequila, 200 lemons, 200 limes, 1 1/2cases of Grand Marnier, all devoured by their closest neighbors and friends. The rain didn’t deter anyone from this party, and rightfully so, Tony and Scott are the most gracious hosts in all the Pines. Many of our most visible neighbors could learn a lot from Tony’s and Scott’s love, friendship and loyalty. They are first-class, first-rate human beings and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. They too, open their doors on New Year’s Eve in the Pines, and it is a lovely party and celebration year-in and year-out. Thank you, Tony and Scott; we all love you enormously.


Saturday, July 1, is the 12th Annual Independence Dance Party, benefiting the Brent Warner Project and GMHC. Warren Gluck will spin at REFLECTIONS on the Bay, 73 Bay Walk. Joey Mendoza is on the benefit committee, and he always makes sure that perfection is the pivotal word at any party. Just don’t fall in the pool with your heels on—Gil Neary just installed a new liner.

Sunday, July 2, is DANCING ON THE BAY, originally the Richard Winger party, continues its great tradition, this year at the home of Ken Zarrilli and Josh McKinney on Sail Walk. Benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Center, Junior Vasquez is the DJ extraordinaire, and you won’t see such a shirtless wonder at any event as you will see on Sunday. This is a grand party that celebrates its eleventh anniversary in the Pines.

Tuesday, July 4, is the annual invasion in the Pines Harbor. Prez Alan Brockman will welcome the gals of the Grove as they invade our beautiful harbor. Kenny Stein will have lipstick all over his collar, but his wife will be more than understanding. Eric Von Kuersteiner continues the John Whyte tradition of welcoming the gals from the Grove to the Blue Whale. The entire harbor will be joyous and celebratory once again. Check out the decorations at the Pines Marina Meat Market. Annie, Eddie, Sal and Sara go all out with their red, white and blue. Luke Rawls has saved the day once again finding the Kate Smith rendition of GOD BLESS AMERICA. Without Luke, we would have no sound equipment and we would only see the invasion, not hear it. Thank you, Luke!

Don’t forget, July 22, FIPAP will have its second cooking class with Paris Commune owner and Pines Bayfront resident, Laurence Issacson. And even if you aren’t into cooking, you’ll want to see Ariadne Villareal’s new bayfront home!

The most important event in July is on Saturday, July 22, from noon to 2:30 p.m., at the magnificent bayfront home of Perry Wolfman. Please join Tony Roncalli and Eric Von Kuersteiner as they welcome Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Barbara Boxer to the Pines. Senator Schumer and Tony are working on our new beach replenishment project that is vitally important to the Pines. Our beach is the heart of our community.

Also Saturday, July 22, is LAMBDA in the Pines. Check out the table in the harbor and purchase your tickets to the cocktail party that benefits one of the longest-running and important causes in our Gay community.

Saturday, July 29, is PINES PARTY 2006! HEROES AND VILLAINS! All night on the beach, benefiting Stonewall and the Pines Charitable Foundation. This is the BIG ONE FOLKS! Well, the big one in July, you know the Pines, come August we will have another Beach party, ASCENSION on Sunday, August 20, all day on the beach, benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

We welcome Chef David Ledu’s family this week to the Pines. They are making their annual visit from France. David has been very busy this Summer with his culinary skills at the Blue Whale, and better food and service has never been so evident as Summer 06. Speaking of France, Laura Haim continues to film her Pines documentary. She does it with style and grace. How polite she is at all times, always asking if it is all right; never being obtrusive. She is a lady and treats us with the utmost care. Let’s give her a Pines to remember; let’s go out of our way to show her the Pines hospitality that only we know how to give. She deserves the red carpet treatment.

I for one am looking forward to the invasion because I will get to visit with Nicole Pressly. Not enough accolades can be given to Nicole. She publishes, she edits, she distributes The Fire Island News, unquestionably the best newspaper for Fire Island (also the only...). She works very hard at being fair, she attends all events with enthusiasm and gusto and is a friend to the Pines. Let’s welcome Nicole to our events as well, for she only brings us favorable publicity and has always been a friend to the Pines. Thank you, Nicole.

Happy Birthday David Leigh, Mike Hartstein, Bill Black, Louis Malkin and Jerry Herman. All July babies and all favorite Pines residents!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July one and all! And let us not forget, Independence and Acceptance work together so beautifully here in the Pines!