We’re Here!
By Tara Lamberti
Photos by Susannah Monty

Women who say men don’t understand what it’s like to walk a mile in their shoes have obviously never been to the Invasion. Any queen will tell you just how much those heels hurt. Just off the runway mumblings of “I can’t wait to get these things off,” could be heard at this year’s July Fourth gender-bending bash. But that’s only after these pin-up gals strike a pose for the cameras. After all, what’s the point of getting gussied up if you aren’t going to ham it up?

An endless display of feathers, flesh and Tammy Faye lashes paraded down the dock. Thanks to Pansy’s NC-17 running commentary, the crowd never got tired and the red carpet never clogged. Not only were the costumes insanely creative, but some even evoked unanimous applause from the audience. Everyone went “ooooooooh!” when Michael, a.k.a “Peacock,” strutted down the walk with his feathery plume trailing behind him. The "oohs" turned to "aaaahhhh"s when this preening bird snapped up those feathers and fanned them out. He said his muse was the lead singer of Gold Frapp.

Some trips down the aisle incited fits of laughter: A pregnant Britney (Ariel Sinclair) and hubby Kevin Federline (Hahn) schlepped on down, dropping baby every couple of steps along the way. "I’m a good mother," she slurred.

Others who walked passed affected some members of the audience in a different way. A couple who celebrated 59 years together as lovers came by holding hands. When they were asked how it felt to be together so long one simply said "wonderful" and the other said with a sigh, "I wouldn’t know how to live otherwise." Their purity struck a chord within everyone in hearing range.

Everyone’s attire spoke volumes. Coco La Coture, with pink hair and parasol, said, "It’s all about freedom, honey."

From the Mona Lisa to the Brady Bunch, no stone was left unturned when it came to seeking inspiration. And few emotions were left unfelt by the audience. Not only did the Queens Invade the Pines this year, they also marched into our hearts