Fair Harbor Lights
By Jacqueline Haberfeld and
Laura Tichler

First things first: movies at the Fair Harbor Firehouse start this Wednesday, July 5, so get your jammies on and bring your pillow for approximately ninety minutes of cinematographic wonderment. Saturday, July 15, there will be dinner and dancing under the stars at the Fair Harbor Firehouse to benefit the Fire Department. $10 will be payable at the door–a small price to pay for a chance to kick up your heels for a good cause. There will also be a pancake breakfast on July 16, so if you’re feeling a little peckish, there’s your opportunity to fill up on flapjacks.

Pine Walk News

More news from the Fire Department includes the welcome additions of Meredith Chinkel and Jacob Fuchs. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Ashley Russell will be becoming an EMT this year. (Be sure to check out Ashley’s Christy Brinkley-like smile commemorating the removal of her braces.) The addition of the young ‘uns to the FHFD will perhaps renew interest in a “Members of the FHFD” calendar. Fund-raiser, anyone?

We had beautiful weather on Saturday for the Pine Walk Fair. The Fair was successful for both the vendors and the community. More Pine Walk Fair news will follow in next week’s column. For now, the Pine Walk Fair organizers would like to thank the following people for their help in obtaining prizes: Patrick and Melissa Adams, Pam Boal, Olga Bosio, Zoe Dictrow, Evelyn Good, Susan Grey, Robin Hirsch, Bob Jaffe, Judy Kern, Martha Levin, Linda Levites, Andy Lippman, Deborah Lokin, Marlo and Malta Lorenz, Tara McBride, Bill Newman, Stephanie Rogers, Ellen Russell, Larry Schultz, Joyce Segal, Warren Silverman, Binnie Steiner, Lucy and Phil Suarez, Claire Walsh, Joan Weiss, John Westervelt, Bob Whitney, Jeff Whitney and Jeff Yapalater.

Whitney Whereabouts

We are going to have to have a special Pioneer section to cover the goings-on of the Whitney Family. We missed (by a hair) having a great photo of Bob considering a new tonsorial department of Pioneer so we’ll move on to actual official Pioneer news. Louis’ baby, Natalie had heart surgery. Everyone is happy that she came through it really well. Louis, 4, is happy to have his sister home and is doing great. Louis’ family is currently expected to come out to the beach in July. Jules has met the love of his life, Arlene. She is a professor from Boca Raton, but apparently she still has a thing or two to learn. You may have spotted her learning the difference between Arugula and Italian parsley from Ann back on Memorial Day weekend. This is preface to spending the next several years trying to get a handle on the Whitney/Winn family tree. Good luck, Arlene! Frank Whitney turned 81 recently. He celebrated by working a twelve house day at the store. Way to party, Frank. Many happy returns to all.

Emily Goodman, daughter of Kenny and Pam Goodman, is engaged to Michael Brafman. Sam Schoenfield of Elm Walk also just got engaged. Congratulations to all!

We have news from the Cella family. Heather Cella and her husband Scott became the proud parents of Aleeya Elizabeth on June 7. She weighed 6 lbs. 14 ozs and was 20 inches long. Unlike happy grandparents, Al and Debbie Cella, brother Devin wasn’t too pleased at the beginning but is getting used to her.

How do you get an invitation to the beach in a foreign country for the summer of 2036? Apparently, the answer is to be a mother’s helper for the Kendalls of Fifth Walk. Fiona and Simon Pearson, from across the pond, will be staying with the Kendalls for two weeks in July. Fiona babysat for Geordie, Barnaby, and Bill Kendall in the 80’s in London, and came with them to Fair Harbor. The Pearsons will not be babysitting for the Kendall boys this summer (the televised World Cup is probably effortlessly taking on that responsibility), but they will be taking a welcome break from their British journalistic careers. Perhaps they will take over the Fair Harbor column for us for a week. We could clearly use the help!

We’d like to give a hearty Fair Harbor welcome Tara Owen and Bailey to the southwest corner of Birch and Central. Welcome to the neighborhood!