On and Off The Deck
By Jon Wilner

Get ready to read the following figures. Only in the Pines, that’s right, only in the Pines could a family of residents raise over $200,000 for the Dancers Responding to AIDS benefiting Broadway Cares, during a three-day run at the home of Jon Biondo, Tim Horman and Sean Peggs. FIPPOA board member Ariadne Villareal produced this event for the twelfth year in a row. Altogether under her straw hat she has raised $1,088,000 from this event alone. I had the privilege of sitting with Jon’s mom Kathy, Scott Bromley, Robert Alfandre, Jane Groveman and Robin Byrd on the VIP roof. It was a splendid, but hot, afternoon, the final performance brought down the house and rose a standing ovation. The dancers were amazing, and what better an audience than fellow Pines residents cheering and screaming “Bravo!” The night before, after the first performance at 5 p.m., Glen Wielgus and Ed Lewis hosted a lobster dinner at their bayfront chateau that was so delightful; we watched the sunset and we heard the applause from the 7 p.m. performance just a few bulkheads down on the bay. My delightful houseguests, Suzanne and Harold Baer, were also the guests of FIPPOA Prez Alan Brockman. He hosts the Baers and Barbara and Ira Sahlman to the DRA event every year. We were among the lucky guests at dinner along with Vinny Pepe and Susie Lodato, Albert LePage and his beautiful sister Laura, Mike Hartstein, Andre Almeida, Fred Walker, Barbara Sahlman’s sister Linda, Roy Yaeger and Sumner Freeman and Scott Bromley. The lobsters were delivered by a small motor boat, cooked and served, then off went the motor boat into the sunset. That’s what I call a caterer!

I’m not done reporting figures. In just a few short weeks, FIPPOA board member and beach erosion chairman, Tony Roncalli, has raised over $100,000 for the Democratic National Committee. Please join Tony and his partner Eric Von Kuersteiner, as they welcome Senators Charles Schumer and Barbara Boxer at the home of Perry Wolfman this Saturday, July 22, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. This event is in preparation of Tony’s fourth beach replenishment program scheduled for the fall of 2008. Bring in the cash, bring on the sand!


Happy Birthday Elisa Rosen! Elisa and Richard will be hosting Congressman Tim Bishop later on this summer at their oceanfront home. Welcome home from a quick schlep over the pond, Laurence Isaacson, just in time to conduct your cooking class this Saturday, July 22, at your home at 63 Bay Walk for FIPAP. Blue Whale chef David Ledu will be Laurence’s assistant.


Last Monday night I was invited to Anthony Varvarro and Andrew Ambrosio’s bayfront home for an early sunset dinner. It was wonderful visiting with John Horne and Okio Hui Lin, Saul Magram and Tony Seguino. We had a lot of laughs and solved all the problems of the Pines. Not that there are any problems in the Pines, mind you. One problem solved is the sale of Bay Beach. Please contact Ken Pollard in the FIPPOA office within the next few weeks, for he will have all the pertinent information regarding the sealed bids that will be collected for the sale of this magnificent property, the very last empty lot on the Pines bayfront.

Glamorous Blondes

Who was that glamorous blonde at tea Sunday night? Two hints, she was Jim Pepper’s houseguest AND she was always the most popular gal at tea with her tambourine. You guessed it, Edie Deane. Edie has lost over twenty pounds, has a glamorous new hair cut and was the belle of tea. Welcome back Edie, is there a co-op in your future? Call me!

Just last week, I was reminiscing of the fabulous parties thrown here in the Pines by Gloria DeMann. Unfortunately we send our condolences to Gloria, as her husband Larry passed away this past week. Larry was a unique gentleman always with a smile on his face. I remember back in 1983, Gloria handed me an invitation to her Hollywood party, I was thrilled and over the top to be invited to her party. I felt that I had REALLY and TRULY become part of the Pines family. Well Gloria, you will ALWAYS be part of the Pines family, you my darling will always be a glowing star here in the Pines and Larry will always be remembered as well.


Are your costumes ready? Are you a hero or villain? Or is it for us to decide? Pines Party 2006 is just nights away, all night long on the beach, Saturday, July 29, tickets and tents are on sale in the harbor, benefiting the Pines Charitable Foundation and Stonewall.. Are your dancing shoes ready? Ascension Weekend is coming up, Sunday August 20, all day on the beach, dance for the Gay and Lesbian Task force.

Beach Karaoke

Is karaoke your thing? First time ever in the Pines, two, count ’em, two, karaoke nights in the Pines a week. Friday in the Pavilion, Sunday night in the Blue Whale. Let’s go and make fun of our neighbors, all in good jest! And don’t forget if you want to see Porsche, every Saturday night at the Blue Whale. Join Karen Yellin and her boys, applaud for Porsche!

No Place Like Home

That’s Talmadge Cesco and Mark Hopkins on the walks, back in the Pines, but unfortunately just till July 24: welcome home! Alberto Mederos is also back home in the Pines, visiting Larry Matarese and Alan Dodd. I had lunch at the Blue Whale with Alberto last Wednesday and one week later, he still has me in stitches! Only Ray Starr keeps me laughing more than Alberto. We wish Michael Hyman’s mom a quick recovery, and how terrific to see Bob Messner back to his own self again! And what a treat to see John Conboy here with Bob this past week. Gino Chiapparelli and Richard Pittelli are singing “There’s no place like home” after a brief tour of Rehobeth Beach and also the Jersey Shore, not to mention P Town.

We Appreciate It

Congratulations to Clern LaFountaine on winning his reelection this past week as Fire Commissioner. Our Volunteer Fire Department is as important as our Pines Care Center in very similar and very different ways. Everyone appreciates the hard work by both volunteer organizations. There’s a doctor on call 24 hours a day at 631 597 6160. Thank you President Ed Schulhafer, Ron Martin and Brett Baccus, the board of the Care Center.

Hello Milton!

Thank you Eddie Candreva, I was feeling quite under the weather tonight with a fever and a touch of the flu while writing this column, low and behold you sent me a rotisserie chicken. I feel better already! Just proves the fact, you sneeze on Shady Walk and they say “Bless you!” on Picketty Ruff! Speaking of Picketty Ruff, Milton Lubich and his beautiful girlfriend Ronnie were here for DRA weekend. Milton and his late wife Bernice, our co-op den mother and camp counselor who we greatly miss and will never forget, bought the little restaurant Picketty Ruff back in the late ’60s and transformed it into the Sandpiper, which eventually became the Pavilion. Just a little Pines history to add to Crayton Robey’s ‘When Ocean Meets Sky.” Milton was a longtime resident here in the Pines, a former FIPPOA director, our greatest photographer responsible for most of the Pines postcards, and still the man with the biggest smile and love for the Pines. Thank you, Milton, for our yearly Pines calendar; it’s time you came back permanently to the Pines.