Barefoot and Wagons
By Sandy Drawers

Maybe it’s a sign that summer is in full swing, but there have been more sightings of police helicopters landings on the baseball field to airlift injured OBers off the island and reports of near-ocean-drownings in the past week than there have been all summer. Everyone, have fun, but be careful for god’s sake! And watch out for that wicked riptide: it’s a doozy.

Angels Are Among Us

Deirdre Balarezo Abrami is in town to give a two-part series of lectures on intuition. The first one, “Angel Messages,” on Saturday, July 22, was a success to all who attended. Deirdre was able to “read” what was holding people back and what was to follow in the next few years. The second, on July 29, will look at “Building Your Intuition.” All from 5–7:30 p.m. at the OB Court House. Her power, she claims, comes from a personal path, having an incredible story of self-healing and survival.

New Art Venue

Kenny Goodman and Rachel’s Restaurant are combining forces and using the “long wall” that separates the two businesses as a gallery to show Fire Island artists. With your meal, you will be able to view and purchase art.

From July 19–August 8 is Karen Britton’s “Color and Texture.” Art can be purchased at Kenny’s. If you are an artist, let Kenny know and you may be able to hang up your art.

At the Ocean Beach Historical Society, see the art of Peter Tartaglia. Opening reception on July 29 at 7 p.m.

Remember, the Ocean Beach Community Fund Annual Gala, themed “Flower Power,” will be August 5. Tickets available at Love the Plumber or FI Liquors. You can buy a blue tie-dye T-shirt on the street on most days from lovely volunteers.


Congratulations to Edith Charlton for the OBA Lifetime Achievment Award.

Solar Sights

The solar presentation at Janet LaViolette’s house this Sunday was a crowded affair with everyone from David Stone to Ira Charles to Carol Kushner in attendance. ABC-Solar Goods salesperson Rob Ashmore and President Richard Perl were on hand to give a presentation and answer questions that varied from costs to physics. I heard that Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvienent Truth” was very well-attended and that it may have turned some people onto the possibility of solar energy. Well, Ira and I have low electricity bills; being old-fashioned we have only a few fans and no dryer, just the sun. But that doesn’t mean we are closed to the idea. They customize the unit for each homeowner’s use and roof—so according to Rob about 85 percent of homeowners would benefit financially and conscientiously from tapping into the sun. Call Rob at 917-496-4439 for a house visit.

Sharing is Caring

Last Saturday night, OBers lived up to their reputations as both hard partiers and terrific hosts at a fantastic party on Surf Road. Offering the hundreds of guests an open bar complete with hired bartenders (with tips donated to charity), full reign of the house’s rooms and decks, and DJ Ira’s rockin’ tunes, the party’s host displayed both the generosity and laid-back attitude that OBers have come to embody and appreciate to the fullest. Thank you kindly!


The fastest growing “sport” in America is competitive eating, and it has arrived on FI. Last Monday afternoon at Bocce Beach, the competition was intense and the munchkins, delicious. Peter Fazio, head chef, pitted his eating talents against those of Max Lepine in a munchkin-eating contest. Fazio, affectionately known as Faz, downed 100 of the little donuts in only nine minutes 31 seconds. Though Lepine was decked out in a superhero mask, Faz appeared completely unfazed, wearing a t-shirt that read, “I love munchkins, they’re delicious.” Pokerfaced, he strategically worked his way through the glazed and then attacked the chocolate. Lepine was left in the sugar dust, leaving 22 munchkins untouched. Faz celebrated with a cigar; Lepine, defeated, proclaimed, “I hate donuts!” That can only leave us wondering…which lucky onlooker got those last 22 morsels of delight?

Mardi Gras Madness?

Restaurant employees are gearing up for their end-of-summer (or towards-the-end-of-summer, at least) staff parties. The Albatross’s legendary annual “prom,” attended mostly by restaurant staffs up and down Ocean Beach, has chosen its Prom King and Queen nominees (sorry, they’re still confidential) as well as its theme: Mardi Gras Masquerade, with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting still-suffering Katrina victims. Kudos to the Tross for the charitable mindset, and here’s hoping for some crazy costumes in the true spirit of New Orleans!

Theft Matters

Lastly, a personal plea from tenants of the “Snug Cozy” on Cottage Road: if you’ve seen the house’s nameplate, which is original to the house, please return it! Nestle-In, we’re looking at you.