Fair Harbor Lights
By Jackie Haberfeld
and Laura Tichler

It was a quiet week in Fair Harbor, except for the weather, which was the big story this week. There were winds of 40 mph (as measured by a fisherman who wished to remain nameless) in Fair Harbor. We were told that gusts with speeds as high as 67 mph were measured at the lighthouse (although that has not been corroborated by the park rangers).

The storm on Tuesday night did a lot of minor but dramatic damage in Fair Harbor this week. The flagpole snapped in half! A chimney was blown off a house on Fifth Walk! Television antennas were seen “at the curb” in front of half a dozen houses! There was even a rumor that the roof blew off of an oceanfront house, fortunately landing right back in the correct place on the house, but unfortunately not before admitting gallons and gallons of rainwater!

The light watercraft in the east side of the bay marina seem to have suffered the most. Anything not well tied down was thrown across the walk and came to rest in the tall grass near the electrical substation on Oak Walk. Several kayaks and a catamaran were making their mark in the garden at the corner of Holly and Central. Sails and other boat parts were strewn halfway down Oak from the bay toward Central. The boats that were somewhat tied down wound up in what can best be described as a tangled web of pontoons, lines and sails.

The mystery of the missing grill on Holly was solved when the grill was located in the back of the property, underneath a pile of deck furniture from that house, and the house across the walk, which had all been blown east.

Many Fair Harbor residents reported windows and doors blowing open. Some old time Fire Islanders were heard to say that it was the worst storm in memory, recent or past. Thankfully, the damage in Fair Harbor was only to property and not to people.

Well… almost…

In the continuing rough surf experienced throughout the weekend, doubtlessly caused by what was left of Hurricane Beryl, several beachgoers got tossed around pretty badly. Mark Goldberg of South Walk in Dunewood required the services of the Fair Harbor Emergency Medical Technicians after he was slammed by a wave while enjoying a welcome period of sunshine on Saturday afternoon. Mark (and Courtney) would like to thank Russ and Ellen (who were on their way to a wedding), Julie, Jerry, Bob, and anyone else who may have responded to the emergency call, all of whom got him onto a backboard, into an ambulance, and off to Good Samaritan Hospital with dispatch. In fact, the service that Mark received was so expeditious that he was fully outfitted with a cervical collar and drugs (just in case!), and on his way back to the beach on the 7:30 p.m. ferry. Thanks, everyone!