Kismet Kapers
By Bradlee White

Kismetians exchanged wild tales about Tuesday’s (July 18) spectacular wind, rain and lightning. Lots of table umbrellas were lost, including Terry C.’s. She ran after it. I watched my umbrella shaft crack in half, immediately deciding that no way was I going out in that to save it or the table. People with a beach view saw as many as seven lightning strikes hit simultaneously. From my vantage point, it looked like a ’70s disco scene, with a giant strobe light that never stopped. While chasing flyaway bathing suits, Myrna & Andrea locked themselves out, then dropped the key through the deck slats. “Suddenly I realized I was fishing around with a metal coat hanger in the middle of a lightning storm,” Andrea said, deciding she must be nuts. Tom L.’s boat was hit by lightning in his slip at home, which broke the screen. Deciding that lightning doesn’t hit twice, he and Nick sailed it over amid Friday’s off-and-on storms. Bill S.’s boat was sunk again, but at least this time it blew towards shore. Many others, enthralled with the jazz band, found themselves trapped in the Inn—Oh, the horror…

Saturday’s FD Auxiliary Book and Bake Sale was a huge success. There was a wide selection of baked goods, all wrapped in clear cellophane and ribbons the night before by volunteers. There was an excellent selection of hard and soft cover books and tapes. The volunteers were too numerous to count. “People who had never volunteered for any of our events stepped forward, including many who brought us baked goods,” said Michelle S. “People were very generous with donations for the fire department… It was really a broad spectrum of the community.” I will mention that Elisa S., Jack M., Bryana R., Ashley and Ryan went door to door with flyers the week before.

Home Sweet Home

Two of the KLAW kittens found a wonderful home with Ann and Pat M., who are frequent boating visitors to Kismet, often spending time with Mike Asher and his bride. Pat used to lifeguard with Mike. We brought another 2 kitties to the T-shirt table where they got hugged by Jack Manzo and mom, Pam Russo and Bryana and Patty Romanzi before the rain chased us home… It looked like a lot of people were leaving the island, though several had passes: Bill P. headed off to the FIA meeting in OB while Vic and Rose were off to a birthday party at Yankee Stadium for a 70-year-old kid… I had a chance to meet my new neighbors, Dave and Tallie Crowe, with their children Evan and Fiona as they visited their new home. They’re hoping it’s done by the end of September… Donna from the Whitehouse held a jewelry sale at TAP the Aqua House, with many people in attendance, especially since the weather kept downtown Kenny away.

There was a not-so-surprising birthday party for Marilyn P. It started with a delicious cake delivered by the Cooking Cousins. Then a few friends stopped by. Not surprisingly, considering the murky waters of Maple Ave., visitors were limited to Seabay denizens, Kirk & Ellen, Cartoon Alley’s Myrna, Phil, Peter and Pete, Sunset's 3 Amigos, Rick, Mike and Chris and Joebeck, Uncle Phil and the Risque crew. Sunday’s early weather was raggedy but once the fair-weather friends had fled the island, we had a beautiful evening. The Craven band played to a somewhat sparse crowd at the Out Sunday nite. (Rumors persist that the Out has been sold, but Warren stands by his denial.)

With summer speeding by like a booming superboat, it’s not surprising that the 12th Annual Henry Gates Clam Shucking fundraiser for West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition (WIBCC) is fast approaching. Warren Lem, principle organizer (who gives kudos to Lauren Denis for the many years she put in), told me that the Tuesday, August 8 event is being sponsored by “the people of Kismet,” because it could not happen without the volunteer efforts of so many here. The event will feature the usual food, beverage, raffle and T-shirt sales as well as music DJ’d by Brian Kelly and Punk Rock Pete and announcements by MC, Buddy Schumacher and, of course, the traditional Clam Shucking Contest and corn shucking for children. In addition, four to six tennis pros from the USPTA will voluntarily teach adult and children’s tennis clinics. See Amy Wood or Judy Phelan to sign the kids up for $10. Adults will register with Carol Betz of Lawn House and the numbers will be limited to 40–50 people. A new feature this year offers people the chance to pre-purchase chances on raffle boxes set up in the Out for High Value prizes: Flat Screen TVs (donated by PC Richard) at $25/chance, a Seiko watch and Budweiser bike at $10/ chance, and a theater package to Manhattan at $25/chance. See the Out bartenders at any time. These plans offer a broad-based platform for fund-raising: All proceeds will go the WIBCC. FI Ferries has donated tickets, which will be sold at a discount by WIBCC volunteers at their office (666-2026) or on the dock that day.

Seabay residents and visitors are getting seriously testy about the mucky stew of swamp water we have to walk through. Maybe that exposure, rather than food poisoning, precipitated the 5 a.m. ambulance call to Way Way?