Volume 48, 2004
Thrilling International Intrigue
If Yasir Arafat had accepted the Oslo peace agreement, “Prince of Fire” might not have been written. Daniel Silva, a former Middle East correspondent for United Press International and investigative journalist for CNN, was very much in favor of the Oslo peace process. “I had placed faith in Yasir Arafat. I believed Arafat wanted peace at the time of Oslo. I believe now he viewed the peace process as part of the phased strategy of destroying the state of Israel.” In Silva’s view, the struggle for peace between the Palestinians and Israel may be a problem without a solution. That viewpoint is felt throughout this novel.

A Town Where Money Changes Nothing
Totten Crossing, Connecticut, the fictional suburban enclave around which “Human Capital” revolves, is a place where materialism runs rampant and life is complex. We’ve heard this story before, but Stephen Amidon’s take on the American dream is unique, thanks to his compelling plot and insightful probing. The novel opens in the late nineties, with Drew Hagel dealing with his floundering real-estate business and creditors breathing down his neck. He lives with his second wife, Ronnie, pregnant with twins, and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Shannon. Struggling to pay his daughter’s private school tuition and realizing her acceptance at Oberlin means even more debt, Drew is desperate to hold on while everything seems to be crumbling around him. “All he wanted was enough. But enough wasn’t what it used to be.”

A Book To Take On Your Honeymoon
The same criteria apply to reading on your honeymoon as they do to reading at the beach. The book needn’t be deep, long or depressing to serve its purpose. All that’s required is a brief escape, not total immersion (unless, of course, you’re reading “Your Long Erotic Weekend: Four Days of Passion for a Lifetime of Magnificent Sex” by Lana Holstein and David Taylor – yes, it’s really a book!) Those serendipitous events that make a honeymoon magical will only happen if you keep your eyes, ears and heart open to new experiences.

A Big Fat Greek Wedding With A Twist
Adolescence is difficult. No, it’s worse than that. Even a well-adjusted teenager has problems maintaining his or her equilibrium. Imagine an ordinary fourteen-year-old girl trying to cope with her looks, her friends and the changes of puberty. Then consider Calliope Stephenides who learns she was born with both female and male sex organs.

Friendship, Betrayal and Redemption
The Kite Runner is one of the most compelling novels I’ve read in a long time. Khaled Hosseini has written a simple story — no twists, turns or rollercoaster rides, few surprises and little mystery. Beginning with the first sentence I wanted to slow down to better absorb the beauty of the words. I’m in awe that English is not Hosseini’s first language and this is his first novel.


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