Volume 49, 2005

Issue 10
Making a Difference: The Island’s Political Women
Susan Greenhalgh spent this summer working from her house in Saltaire advocating for a voter verifiable paper trail. After a career in chemical brokering, Greenhalgh took time off to travel and began getting involved in politics to oppose the invasion of Iraq. In 2004, she worked as the Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass) Director of Jewish Outreach for Broward County, Florida. It readied her for her current position as consultant for various voter rights advocacy and lobby groups.

Ocean Beach, Building Architectural Board, Still
Like a slug making its way through a puddle of molasses toward some distant cup of beer, the Ocean Beach Board of Trustees is gradually establishing an architectural review board, designed to maintain aesthetic “cohesion” in the town’s commercial district. The establishment of an architectural review board still hasn’t become law—it was tabled for the second time this summer after being discussed—but one significant inroad has been made: documents have been released to the public, containing lawyer-approved language waiting for official approval.

Archiving It! Fire Islanders Chronicle the Island’s History
Fire Island is a place whose modern history dates back to the days when Babylon resident Isaac Stratford built a whaling station on Whalehouse Point, now part of the Otis Pike Wilderness Area on the East End, in 1653. More than 350 years after he and other intrepid pioneers first set foot on the beach, a dedicated group of Fire Islanders are working tirelessly to chronicle the island’s rich and storied past.

Recent Bay Death Third of Summer
The death of a 12-year-old girl on the Great South Bay last week has prompted officials and vacationers to take a sobering look at the popular boating spot, which has led Suffolk County in accidents in recent years. There were 18 accidents in 2001, and 14 and 16 in 2002 and 2003, respectively, according to the New York State Parks Department. And out of 204 boating accidents statewide, 75 were in Long Island.

Beads of Paradise:Kokott, Hatmaker and Then Some
“Timothy Kokott… hatmaker… and then some…” Not only is that his outgoing message, it’s also the name of his new company. And it perfectly sums up his life. Known for his fanciful and beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade hats, Tim is a fixture in the Grove this summer and can occasionally be found wearing a huge black dred-locked wig on his shaven head. It fits right in with his bright sarong and skinny blonde goatee.

Buggin’ Out: 2nd Mosquito in Saltaire Positive for West Nile
The first cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) on Fire Island this season were found in Saltaire recently. Mosquito samples collected on July 29 and on Aug. 3 by the Suffolk County Department of Health (SCDOH), tested positive for the virus. Although some residents are a bit panicked, the village of Saltaire and the DOH both advise that they have a plan and that the risk is minimal.

The Butterfly Woman of Seaview
With the precision of a surgeon, Margaret Hofbeck carries the newborn Swallowtail Butterfly outside to her garden, a quiet haven filled with vivid greens, purples and yellows. She gently untacks the wire mesh from the homemade cage and whispers encouraging words to the hesitant butterfly. In seconds, the ritual is complete: the butterfly spreads its wings and takes to the sky.

The Empire Prides of Summer
The boys packed the dance floor en masse at the oceanfront home of Ernie Cervi, Dr. Alan Gandolfi and Will Shulz in the Fire Island Pines on August 20 for the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA)’s sixth annual island fundraiser. This beachside fête, dubbed Rites of Summer, drew more than 300 hard bodies while local favorite Tony Moran spun an eclectic mix of dance anthems and Latin beats.

FIPAP Show, A Worldly Affair
The Fire Island Pines Arts Project (FIPAP) proved once and for all that small inconveniences are mere speed bumps on the road of life with its production of “And the World Goes ‘Round” at the Pavilion on August 13 and August 20. The show, which capped off FIPAP’s busy summer season, featured local favorites Sue Willis, Jack and Rita Lichtenstein, Lori Lynch, Nicole LaFountaine and others in a variety of foot-stomping cabaret and Broadway numbers.

OB Hist. Society to Feature a Village Original
Anna Pickard was desperate. It was December, 1941, and several weeks had passed since she received a telegram from the U.S. Government saying her son, Wally, had been seriously injured and was in critical condition after an early morning attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii. She had heard nothing since December 11 and, running out of options, she contacted a close friend, Katherine Marshall, whom she knew from years of vacationing in Ocean Beach.


Pines Fundraisers: A Special House Call Raises $17K for FIP Care Center
The doctor and his supporters made a special house call in the Fire Island Pines on August 20 as more than 100 people turned out for the second annual Fire Island Pines Care benefit. Affectionately named We Care II, organizer Perry Hamilton welcomed Jack and Rita Lichtenstein, Tommy Esposito of the Fire Island Pines Chamber of Commerce, Kent Dillon, Jack Schlegel, Porsche and others as they mingled poolside among the charity and red passion inspired décor.

Q & A With Republican Candidate for SC Legislature
This is the second in a two-part series of question-and-answer sessions with the leading candidates for the position of Suffolk County Legislator, Eleventh District, which covers all of Fire Island, as well all or parts of Bay Shore, Brentwood, Brightwaters and West Islip. The office is currently held by Angie Carpenter, whose term ends in January 2006. Two weeks ago we spoke to the Democratic candidate, Fire Island Ferries President George Hafele.

Have No Fear, Sand is Here
Newsflash: There’s sand on the beach. Or, to be precise, there’s more of it, in the dunes—which is just where it should be, thanks to the beach replenishment projects that brought the much-needed stuff to four communities on Fire Island. Two weeks ago beaches in Kismet, Ocean Bay Park, Point O’ Woods and Davis Park were scraped by bulldozers, which built piles that were pushed up against the dunes about a week later by payloaders.

School May Ask for More $
The Fire Island School District is considering the resurrection of a measure that would bring much-needed improvements to the Woodhull School, officials said. First proposed in 1997, then voted down by taxpayers in January, the three-pronged construction referendum would replace a 2,000-gallon oil tank and expand the gymnasium to add storage and seating space.

The Supt. Reflects on His First Season
In the beginning of the season The News talked to Fire Island National Seashore’s (FINS) new superintendent Michael Reynolds about his plans, ideas and concerns. As Reynolds finishes his first summer season as superintendent he let us in on his plans for the off season, his thoughts on the beach and what residents can expect in the future.

A True Grande Dame: From The Great White Way to the Great South Bay
With the bright lights of the Great White Way and Hollywood safely across the Great South Bay, actress and long-time Fire Island Pines resident Susan Willis has time to focus on what really matters. She spends her days painting the island’s numerous sea and dunescapes, watches the migratory birds that make their seasonal home among the pine barrens, bogs and dune grass and spends time with her many friends in the community.

Raising the Level: Wheelchair Tennis Takes Center Court
Beth Arnoult is ranked number two in the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA). Never heard of her? That may be because Arnoult competes in a wheelchair. She never played tennis until an accident left her without the use of her legs. During rehabilitation, she picked up a racket and began her love affair with wheelchair tennis.

Issue 9
Popular Leg. Carpenter Runs for County Treasurer
The sophisticated sounds of saxophone classics waft from inside the beautiful Larson home and realty in Saltaire the evening of July 30. Friends and supporters of Suffolk County Legislator Angie Carpenter (R-West Islip), fill the back deck sharing conversation, well wishes and hors d'oeuvres.

Cops Still Baffled by Ocean Beach Drowning Death
No foul play is suspected in the death of an upstate woman whose body was found in the rough surf in Ocean Beach on July 26. Nikita Dhuria Singh, 30, of the town of Chester in Orange County, was reported missing by her family July 25. She was found by bathers near Bayberry Walk the next day at about 1 p.m.

East End Left in Dark for Several Hours
A sudden power outage caused by a construction worker who struck an underground power line while installing a fence in the Fire Island Pines left wide swaths of the island in the dark for several hours on Wednesday, August 3.

Grovettes Cruise to Yet Another Victory
The competition was fierce in Cherry Grove on August 3 as the Grovettes went head to head against the Copettes, better known as the Suffolk County Police Department Marine Patrol (SCPDMP), on the Tides volleyball court. The 21st annual Cherry Bowl combined a sudden blackout with 96 degree heat and a blazing sun, which made for arguably some of the most difficult conditions to ever hit this storied, yet campy event. But these were mere after thoughts as the hometown favorite cruised to victory in three games.

I Do! Canadian Judge, Gay Activist, Visits the Grove
As the contentious debate over marriage for same-sex couples continues in the United States and around the world, it is perhaps no coincidence that many Fire Islanders continue to position themselves squarely on the frontlines of this hot topic social issue. But even on this largely gay-friendly island, which plays host to a variety of benefits for gay and lesbian advocacy organizations each summer, the recent visit of Justice Harvey Brownstone of the Ontario Court of Justice was unique.

Island View: Wherefore Art Thou, Wagon Park?
“Geez, look at all these wagons. I’ve never seen so many red wagons! They’re everywhere!”–a drunken voice overheard at the Ocean Beach ferry terminal, Wednesday, August 3, 2005. My search begins here, between the ferry terminal and the tennis courts—as appropriate an entry point as anywhere in Ocean Beach. In the spirit of preparing for the future by honoring the past, of closing the circle again before leaving at the end of the summer, I’m looking for an emblem of my ancestral link to this place.

Kismet Raises Thousands of Clams
The morning rains may have kept some away, but those who dared saw something of a miracle as the sky cleared 10 minutes to show time. The Kismet Clam Shucking Contest conceived 11 years ago, raised over $18,000 this past Tuesday for the West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition (WIBCC). In addition to the clam shucking contest where contestants race the clock to clean 50 clams (today’s winner was the Inn’s Stevie “Boom” Batz Quiles with Kismetians Gary L. and Brian DJ K. runners-up), there were corn shucking contests for children, raffles and tennis clinics staffed by US Professional Tennis Association volunteers for adults and children.

Pirates Wash Ashore for OB Ball
You were either a squeamish landlubber or just stuck at Maguire’s when the party went down at the Community House Saturday night. More than 400 revelers, clad in eye patches, black caps and tattered pantaloons packed the dance floor and spilled out across the village green.

Oh My Stars ! 2,600 Pack Beach, Half $Mil Raised, at Pines Party
The beachside red carpet was abuzz with everyone’s favorite television stars in the Fire Island Pines on July 30 as 2,600 people packed the beach for the eighth annual Pines Party. Sonny and Cher donned their classic “I Got You Babe” look as they graced the runway alongside the likes of Zorro, the crew of the Love Boat, Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Genie,” Batman and his sidekick Robin, the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club and the on-air talent of “Wide World of Sports” led by coach Larry Bullock of the Pavilion.

Politico Chat: From Boats to Bills, a Local Candidate for Suffolk Legislature
This is the first in a two-part series of question-and-answer sessions with the leading candidates for the position of Suffolk County Legislator, Eleventh District, which covers all of Fire Island, as well as all or parts of Bay Shore, Brentwood, Brightwaters and West Islip. The office is currently held by Angie Carpenter, whose term ends in January 2006. Next week we’ll be talking to the Republican candidate, Thomas Barraga.

Poison Ivy Patrol in Your Neighborhood
Poison Ivy ranks alongside Enterococci and distant relatives who won’t give up your couch as some of Fire Island’s peskiest pests. When buying a house, PI eradication is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to maximizing your home’s overall hospitality. We spoke with David Burrell, a master assassin whose Islip Terrace-based company Poison Ivy Patrol offers an effective, environmentally friendly way to keep that three-leaved nasty off your beach property. And the ivy is in bloom until fall, so there’s no time like the present.

A Ride to the Top: Porsche Makes Her Mark Across the Island
In terms of the ultra-glam world of drag queens and female impersonators, it is perhaps no mere coincidence that Cherry Grove is home to the highest concentration of queens anywhere in the United States—and the world for that matter. Yes Mary and Ethel, the likes of Panzi, Philomena, Annida Green Kard, Bella, Luisa Verde and Gefil Tefish are among the sequined and coif-enhanced roster that regularly grace the stage of the Ice Palace and other Grove nightlife mainstays.

Welcome Home: Author Returns to CG
In the days before her departure from Cherry Grove in 1997, author Alice Carey kept the promise she had made to her friends who had succumbed to AIDS years earlier. She took the ashes of friends, such as Eric, from her home on Greene Walk, affectionately dubbed the Magic Flute, and interred them in a place where she felt their legacy and spirit would live on.

Issue 8
Body Washes Up in Ocean Beach
The dead body of an unidentified young woman washed up on the crowded beach in Ocean Beach near Bayberry Walk Tuesday afternoon during a particularly rough surf day.No cause of death had been determined as of Tuesday night, but police are saying that, based on the clothes she was wearing, she was not swimming at the time of her death.

Poison Ivy Killer an Organic Wonder
Poison Ivy ranks alongside Enterococci and distant relatives who won’t give up your couch as some of Fire Island’s peskiest pests. When buying a house, PI eradication is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to maximizing your home’s overall hospitality.

OBP House Restored
“My dream has always been to have a beach house,” said Larry Theodore with an adoring glance around his newly purchased and renovated house in Ocean Bay Park . Many Fire Island homeowners would agree with Theodore, but Larry and his wife, Pat, showed a unique level of dedication when restoring their newly bought house last year.

Cherry Grove's Mod House of Orange
Some homes are famous for the people who live in them, others for their landscaping and there are those that have gained notoriety for design.  Out of all the homes into which I’ve been in the Grove, the House of Orange is perhaps one of the most intriguingly and boldly designed residences I’ve seen.  

Feng Shui: where Eastern Philosophy Meets Interior Design
Have an aching back? Or sleeplessness? The answer could lie in the location of your bed. Those beams overhead could be blocking your chi, according to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

Dunewood’s Evolution: From Cookie Cutter
And anyone who’s been to Dunewood can appreciate its unique character: with its bucolic appeal and just enough activity to keep you busy during the summer, it is both characteristic of Fire Island and unlike any of the other 17 communities island wide. That’s due in no small measure to its sui generis pedigree. Dunewood is the only planned community on the island, the result of Murray Barbash’s tenacious effort and percipient vision, without which the community might still be a refuse dump used by Fair Harbor to the east.

Community to Singular Getaway
And anyone who’s been to Dunewood can appreciate its unique character: with its bucolic appeal and just enough activity to keep you busy during the summer, it is both characteristic of Fire Island and unlike any of the other 17 communities island wide.

Foggy Future for Legendary Home
White paint peels off the cedar shingles, flowered curtains still blow in the breeze through cracked widows and magazines from the 80s lay about the dusty coffee table. This is the once glorious Carrington property in the Pines, six now overgrown acres from midway to ocean with the 96-year-old, two-story beach cottage that resides on it.

Real Estate: The Real Talk of the Town
The real estate market on Fire Island is hot, hot, hot. The reasons are as plentiful as the market’s offers. “Sales are through the roof because the values are going up,” said Island Properties of the Pines proprietor Jon Wilner. Island Properties is not the only broker having a successful season.

Issue 7
Top of the Bill
In July 1979, France Joli, a then unknown French Canadian chanteuse from Montréal, performed her debut single, “Come to Me,” for 5,000 beachgoers in the Fire Island Pines for the first annual Pines Party. Donna Summer, the reigning disco queen of the era, had suddenly cancelled at the last minute and Joli, then only 16, reaped the rewards as her song quickly shot to the top of the charts and became part of the Studio 54 generation’s soundtrack.

What's My Name Fool?
For this week’s Beach Reading special, we feature Dave Zirin, a Maryland-based journalist whose family has a home in Seaview. Zirin’s first book, What’s My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States, was recently published by Haymarket Books. What’s My Name, Fool? takes a unique look at a largely untold story: the intersection between sports figures, from athletes to sportswriters, and left-wing political activism.

Too Loud?
The foam is flowing fast and furious at Sunsets on the Bay, boys clad only in their skivvies bump and grind the night away at the Tides and the incomparable Gusty Winds looks for a date (or whatever) at the weekly Hollywood Squeers at Cherry’s on Friday nights.

Beach Bookworms
One of the greatest things about being on the beach is the quiet time, time many use to read. This past week one of the most awesome book releases took place: the sixth book in the Harry Potter series. While it’s tough to find a circle of Potter aficionados, Fire Islanders are certainly taking to the books. Here is what they are reading.

Golden Wagon Film Festival
Fire Island put Park City, Utah, and Sundance to shame this weekend with the third annual Golden Wagon Film Festival, an event that filled Ocean Beach with filmmakers and film lovers for three days of celluloid-fueled rapture.

Dance Festival Raises Record $169K
A backdrop of surreal mist thanks to the persistent pea soup fog and humidity that blanketed the island this past weekend was the perfect setting for the 11th annual Fire Island Dance Festival (FIDF) in the Fire Island Pines. Beau Clarke and DJ Tony Moran hosted the two-day festival, which is the signature event for the New York-based Dancers Responding to AIDS (DRA), at their bay front home, which was transformed into an amphitheater and stage with sweeping views of the Great South Bay.

Issue 6
DNC Chair Rallies Support
In what has become an annual pilgrimage to the beach, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman and former Presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke to more than 100 enthusiastic supporters at a fundraiser at Brandon Fradd’s bay front home in the Fire Island Pines on July 10. Dean, who was elected chair of the DNC in February, touched upon access to affordable health care, immigration and a number of other hot-topic issues of the day.

Bay Beach Contaminated, Off Limits
During routine tests in the bay near Ocean Beach’s water treatment plant last Friday, Suffolk County health officials found more than twice the average amount of Enterococci, a bacteria commonly found in the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals. Enterococci is not in itself harmful but appears alongside bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis and ear, nose and throat problems, said Robert Waters, Supervisor of the Bureau of Marine Resources for Suffolk County.

FI Faces Increased Security Measures
Fire Island is a refuge from so much of what ails us in urban life—the crowds, sticky city heat, noise, traffic. But the reality of today’s unpleasent world permeates everything, even our breezy, sun-soaked getaways. Fortunately, most of the changes that have happened since the London bombings have been behind the scenes. Local officials, including police and the U.S. Coast Guard, have increased their presence over all major public thoroughfares.

FI Jet Ski Ban Lifted
The sound of jet ski engines in the crashing waves off of Fire Island will resume. After a three-year ban, personal watercraft (PWC) will once again be allowed on the waters around Fire Island National Seashore. Although the ban has been lifted, new restrictions will apply. In 2002, Bluewater Networks, a national environmental organization, filed a claim against the National Park Service (NPS), citing the negative environmental effects caused by PWC use. The legal action resulted in the PWC ban in 21 national parks, including Fire Island.

Festival Continues to Raise Funds for AIDS
A fundraising tour de force in the fight against the AIDS epidemic began in 1995 at the Fire Island Pines home of Stan Howard and Filoteo Maningat when the first Fire Island Dance Festival (FIDF) raised $6,000 in one night. More than a decade later, the event has evolved into the signature event for Dancers Responding to AIDS (DRA), a New York-based organization which has raised and distributed millions of dollars for HIV and AIDS outreach and prevention groups across the country, as well as one of the world’s premiere dance festivals.

Issue 5
A Legendary Night in the Grove
Mandi’s bequeathment of her homecoming queen crown to Connie Francis along with Panzi’s yodeling-inspired rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” and Luisa Verde’s harrowing account of how she found her way to Fire Island’s sandy shores from her native Vieques were three of the myriad of highlights from the Arts Project of Cherry Grove’s production of “Legends in their Own Minds” at the Cherry Grove Community House on July 2.

OB Independence Day Parade
They were all there. The silly (“Splish Splash Holiday Bath”), the strange (“Unidentified Fire Island Object”), the beautiful (“Fire Island Princesses”). And of course, the patriotic (“Yankee Doodle Kids,” “Red, White and Bubbles”). The floats at the Fourth of July parade in Ocean Beach were decked out with everything from balloons to flags to silly string and all carried a baby, small child or animal—often some combination of the three. (There were even dogs dressed like babies and vice versa.)

July Fourth Celebration a Grand Affair in Kismet
The competition was fierce and spirits were high last Sunday as Kismetians tall and small celebrated the Fourth of July with their 41st annual Independence Day Parade. The Bay Shore Fire Department marching band struck up the procession at 11 a.m. As bystanders cheered and waved flags, the bands — the Islip Fire Department brought up the rear — thundered the joyous sounds of “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Floats of every stripe made an appearance — some on wagons, some on bikes, some hoofing it the old fashioned way. The parade culminated in a gathering at the marina and a flag raising. Grace Wood, 14, sang a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Adult Ed. Head Quits
The Fire Island School District’s adult education director stepped down this week, raising concerns from residents over the future of the program. Nancy Roberts’ resignation, effective immediately, was announced at the annual School Board organizational meeting last Tuesday. At the meeting and in an interview with The Fire Island News, Roberts cited the low wages offered to her by the school.

Oh Mary! Queens Invade the Pines
They were all too ready to strut their stuff on the red carpet but some, such as Kennedy, saw the Invasion (and the promise of a free drink at Sip n’ Twirl) as nothing more than an addition to her busy social calendar. She was mourning the passing of her daughter Rosemary earlier this year but added that she felt right at home in the Pines as she would have felt at either of her Hyannis or Palm Beach estates.

Issue 4
The Lay of the Land
Beach access, erosion and other local environmental issues emerged as highlights of the discussion when the Fire Island Association met for its annual meeting in Ocean Beach on June 25.

Here Comes the Judge
Lawyers representing a coalition of Fire Island property owners petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court late last month to appeal two lower court decisions that dismissed a lawsuit that seeks to force state and local agencies to formulate a beach protection plan for the island.

Millions Restored to Erosion Study
The hot button topics of coastal erosion and beach renourishment on Fire Island and Long Island’s south shore came to a head at the annual Fire Island Association (FIA) meeting last Saturday.

Catching Up with Tom
As a long-time Fire Island resident, Tom Schwartz is a well-known figure in many communities. Famous for his strong opinions and equally strong influence on island affairs, Schwartz is known to many as a former mayor of Ocean Beach.

Sayville Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Gays
The Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove, with miles of powdery sand beaches, happening nightlife and exclusive homes, have ranked among the top international gay travel destinations for decades.

Alive With Pride
Cherry Grove could have been mistaken for New Orleans down east on June 25 as several hundred people packed downtown for its sixth annual Gay Pride Parade.

Issue 3
No Injuries in Saltaire House Fire
A house fire broke out on the west side of Saltaire last Wednesday, June 8, damaging most of the building’s interior. No one was hurt.

Bayshore Rebirth Puts it Back on the Map
Bay Shore, affectionately referred to as “the heart of the South Shore,” has been a Long Island community staple since its inception in 1708.

Ocean Beach to Consider Building Restrictions
Thou shalt not use vinyl siding.Or lavender. Or pink. And absolutely, positively, no DayGlo. These are just a few of the commandments likely to be written in stone when the village of Ocean Beach forms an architectural review board to ensure that new building projects in the commercial district meet local standards of good taste.

Emt Coverage Contract In Point O' Woods
Point O’ Woods residents have always had an answer to that age-old question, “Who ya gonna call?”, but thanks to a new deal with Ocean Beach, EMT coverage is better then ever.

Issue 2
A Beach Wedding How-To
For a couple that fell in love here or simply loves the island for its charm, there couldn’t be a better place for a wedding than Fire Island. While hosting a large event on the island may be a little tricky at times, with creativity and the right resources, planning a beautiful wedding at a romantic bay- or oceanfront location can be a fun and rewarding experience. We’re here to help.

Seal Pup Rescued from Smith Point
Smith Point County Beach Park lifeguards called on rescuers from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation to save a baby harbor seal struggling just off the shore on Saturday, May 28.

Controversial School Budget Passed
Voters approved the 2005-2006 Fire Island Free Union School District budget May 17 by a count of 117-58. This year’s budget, effective July 1, is $4,521,567, up from $4,403,266—an increase of 2.69 percent.

Saltaire Greets New Trustee, FINS Super
Saltarians have spoken, and the results are in and finalized: Robert Cox is staying on; John Zaccaro will be replaced by newcomer Pia Notaro Carroll. Cox and Carroll received 110 votes each to Zaccaro’s 67. The fourth candidate, Frank Wolf, lost by a nose with 109 votes.

OB Memorial Day Honors Vets Home and Abroad
Vacationers, daytrippers and Ocean Beach residents took a moment out from their sun-soaked idylls this past Sunday to enjoy the town’s Memorial Day Parade and reflect on the sacrifices made over the years by our country’s Armed Service men and women.

Davis Park Awash in a Tide of Uncertainty
Not even the long delayed arrival of summer could mask the severe beach erosion that continues to wreak havoc on the East End as local residents and politicians again called upon the federal government to fund an ongoing beach replenishment project during a press conference last Monday on the beach in Davis Park.

Issue 1
Welcome Back !!
Winters on Fire Island are known as dreary and cold, with the occasional warm and sunny day. It’s the snoozing caterpillar to summer’s resplendent butterfly. But where people congregate—even for a few months out of the year—things happen, and we scoured the sands to bring you an update of what’s been going on in our towns during the sleepy winter season.

Grove Residents Debate Future of Doctor’s House
Less than a week before the unofficial kick-off to summer, nearly 100 people gathered at the Cherry Grove Community House on May 22 for the first of three scheduled meetings of the Cherry Grove Community Association this season. And it appears as though the ongoing debate over funding the community’s medical facility will continue over the summer.

Ban Lifted, Saltairians Get Their Grill On
For as long as Saltaire Mayor Scott Rosenblum can remember, the village has been a no-grill zone. No outdoor cooking of any kind has ever been allowed in the village.
Until now.

Forging Connections, the Visibility of FI’s Supt
With the selection of 20-year National Park Service (NPS) veteran Michael T. Reynolds as the superintendent of the Fire Island National Seashore, the island settles into an agenda that will pick up where Reynolds’ predecessor and friend David Spirtes left off. He has been called the “JFK of Fire Island” and the “21st century park superintendent,” by residents and fellow park employees.

East End Dawns New Look
After a long and often bitterly cold winter, residents and visitors returning to the East End are bound to notice the numerous changes that have taken place over the last several months. New restaurant and theatre fill to fill a void in Cherry Grove

Busy Winter For FIA
Last September 11 marked the 40th Anniversary of the Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) and no one wanted the event to go uncelebrated. (It was also one of the last celebrated in the Ocean Beach Community House, now handsomely refurbished and ready for another 75 years as Fire Islanders’ central meeting place.)

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